-Iran: Revival Continues with Young Iranians Coming to Jesus

We have reported on the Revival taking place in Iran before. Unfortunately nearly every week I read where the Iranian authorities have arrested some Christians meeting illegally. Regardless, the Iranian Muslim leaders will not be able to shut them down since it is a sovereign work of the Lord. It is really good to hear that young Iranians are flocking to Jesus. Many of them have come through dreams and visions since no ‘official’ missionaries are allowed in that country.

What God is doing in Iran is similar to what happened in China after the government kicked out all of the missionaries and shut down most of the churches. The house church movement grew through indigenous leaders that God rose up through dreams, visions, and visitations. What is happening in Iran is also a work of God that can not be stopped in spite of the severe on-going persecution of Christians in that land.            *Top

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One Response to -Iran: Revival Continues with Young Iranians Coming to Jesus

  1. A. S. Mathew

    There is no doubt or question that the whole world is going to witness the greatest revival touching the young and old. It will be spreading like a wildfire among the Hindu-Muslims and the rest, and they are going to see face to face though visions and personal touch of healing that JESUS IS ALIVE TODAY.

    It will shake the nations of the world. Mao, when he came into power, burned the Bibles but now the Amity Bible Printing press in China is the largest Bible Printing press in the world and made in China Bibles are flooding around the world. Is that mere human idea or brain, not at all; but the divine hand.

    From 5 million Christian population went underground when Mao took control, now it is over 120 million. Is it natural or supernatural?

    GOD is going to raise Iran as the epicenter of a great spiritual earthquake to shed the light and blow the wind of revival among the Muslims countries, especially the neighboring Gulf Countries. Their oil wealth will not give them any peace of mind, then they will be forced to look after the reality of peace and will find the LORD JESUS AT THE CROSS.

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