•Revival Ministries

This site started out as links to a number of ministries that had come through my home church at one time or another. Ministries that I wanted to keep up on.

Later, I started adding sites of the ministries that those ministries were linked to in some way or another (an on going process).

Revival or church Renewal is the prevailing theme that link all these folk together. I believe that each ministry listed has a part or a share of Revival DNA that the Lord has given and hidden within. As they do their part, and reach out and link up with other Revival groups, national and world revivals will begin to break out and gain momentum.

This site does not include all the ministries and churches involved in revival and renewal nor does it intend to. It contains only the groups that I am aware of. The “Cross-Pollination” page contains the master list. Then, if the focus of the ministry is in a specific area such as healing, prophecy, or missions, they are listed a second time there: