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GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER @ Pentecost Sunday–June 4, 2006:

@ Pentecost Sunday–June 4, 2006:See ‘Feedback’ and testimonies continually coming in of ’90 days of Blessing’@ web site: www.globaldayofprayer.com


-48 Hop www.fortyeighthop.com/

-Generals of Intercession www.generals.org

-Global Harvest Ministries www.globalharvest.org/

U.S. Strategic Prayer Network

-Glory of Zion International www.glory-of-zion.org/news.htm

-Hero Resources -Wesley Campbell www.heroresources.com/

-IHOP -Mike Bickle www.ihop.org/group/group.aspx?

-IHOP-Israel Mandate “

-Justice House of Prayer -Lou Engle www.jhop.org/

-Kairos Prayer Network www.Kairos.us/

-National Governmental Prayer Alliance www.dutchsheets.org/index.cfm/pageid/452

-The War Room www.the-war-room.com/

-World Prayer Center www.theworldprayercenter.org/index.jsp

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