7. Church Associations & Denominations

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-Assemblies of God (USA) www.ag.org/top/

-Association of Vineyard Churches-USA www.vineyardusa.org/

-The Foursquare Association www.foursquare.org//association/

**New inderdenominational association of churches forming under the auspices of the Foursquare denomination–to link together, share resources, & ministry

-Harvest International Ministry www.harvestim.org/him_new/home.php

-Morningstar Fellowship of Churches www.morningstarministries.org/MFC/index.htm

-New Day International -UK www.newdayinternational.org/

-New Frontiers -UK & Worldwide www.newfrontiers.xtn.org/index.php

-Partners in Harvest www.partners-in-harvest.org/

-Sovereign Grace Ministries www.sovereigngraceministries.org/

-Vineyard International Consortium www.vineyard.org/

-UK & Eire – www.vineyardchurchesuk.com/

» Australiawww.vineyard.org.au
» Canadawww.vineyard.ca
» FranceVineyard’s in France
» GAS (Germany/Austria/Switzerland) – www.vineyard-dach.net
» Netherlandswww.vineyard.nl
» New Zealand – www.vineyard.co.nz
» South Africawww.avc.org.za
» Swedenwww.vineyard.se
» United States of Americawww.vineyardusa.org

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