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Please Note: Slight Change of Address!

This blog now has a slightly different address since moving to a new host. Before, there were 2 addresses that could be used to get to the front page: and

Now is the sole proper address.

There are a bunch of you out there which have linked to this blog using It still gets you here but not to the front page. A couple of days ago the link took you to a year-old post–now you will end up on the Vineyard Blogroll page. From there you could always click on the name at the top to get to the current front page or maybe you might find it more convenient just to change your link.

Note also, if you have linked to some of my posts in the past and you want to maintain those links, erase blog/ from the permalink and it will still work. For example, here is a past article that many have linked to which continues to receive considerable traffic:

Bill Johnson and Bethel Church: A Revival Culture

The new permalink is:

As compared to the old:
(I have highlighted the difference)

Also, please note Vineyard Bloggers: The links to The Vineyard Directory and Blogroll pages have also slightly changed—-blog/ has also been dropped from all of those addresses.


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Nightmare is Over…Well Almost!

I have just spent over a month dealing with a major hacker/spammer problem in my websites and databases. One data base that I ran 7 blogs out of was taken over and the hacker had changed the root passcodes so that I no longer had the necessary permission to change my own database nor did my hosting co.

The database that I ran Charismatica out of had a entire ‘PMA’ book store running off of a subdomain that a hacker had created. Didn’t really give me much of a ‘positive mental attitude’.

The feed for my Answers For The Faith blog was redirected so many times (20+) that Feedburner couldn’t track them all. Still don’t know how that happened and still trying to get it back to normal.

The only help and suggestion my host gave me was that I needed to flush the database and start over. The problem was that the backup programs were infected somehow and not working properly on 3 of my blogs.

At that juncture I decided if I had to start over it might as well be somewhere else with another host since my host had been no help at all and very unresponsive in the midst of my attack. The move created other problems and I ended up getting some help in the process.

Well finally my 9 blogs are up and running again though each one still needs some major tweeking here and there. I should be able to get it finally done and behind me over Memorial Day weekend.


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Dear Friends and Readers:

image Please bear with me while I rebuild this blog. We recently experienced a serious hacking/spam attack that saw more than 100 pages of spam links somehow added to our blog footer and made it necessary to flush our data base and start over in order to get control once more.

In the process I decided to move this blog to a new host. That has complicated matters and will somewhat delay everything being put back together.

If you are running on a WordPress program, I would strongly suggest that you upgrade to the 2.5.1 program as soon as possible. Supposedly they have closed all the gaps that hackers used to gain access to this blog and database.

Blessings Michael

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An Anniversary Belatedly Observed

The 2nd Anniversary of this blog went unnoticed while I was flat on my back nursing some kind of bug.   Charismatica Blog started two years ago on April 2, 2006.

 image_thumbThis actually makes me a ‘tweener’ in the blogosphere. The ‘ancient sages’ came before 2003, the ‘mature’ webloggers started in 2004-5, then came the popular deluge of blogs starting in 2005-6 -‘the adults’. The path was already well worn when I started in 2006, yet so much has happened since in the blogosphere it will be interesting to see what comes next–we are really still at the beginning of this web genre.   

This was actually my 2nd blog. I started blogging at ANSWERS For The Faith a month earlier on March 5, 2006.  My original idea for CHARISMATICA was to make a website with referral links (See: “Referral Pages: Revival Ministries-links”) to all the different ministries that had come through my home church at one time or another. Ministries that I wanted to keep up on.

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"WordPress For Dummies"

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson (Hoboken,NJ: Wiley Publishing, Inc., 2008, 384 pages)

image Brand new for 2008, an essential book for those using WordPress in publishing a blog. <Read the Review on my Blogging Ministry site>


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