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-Miami: ONE Conference Unites 200 Local Churches


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Last weekend in Miami, Florida, Christians from 200 local churches of different denominations across the greater Miami area came together to worship God at the ONE Conference.

The 3 day conference, held at the BankUnited Center on the campus of the University of Miami, brought together folks from every denomination including  charismatics, Pentecostals, non-denominational evangelicals along with  traditional Baptists, Presbyterians, Methodists and others.  The get together for Jesus was the culmination of a vision by Pedro Garcia, senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Kendall. He hoped that the meetings would ignite a new passion for Jesus and impact the the entire region and world for the glory of God.

Approximately 6,000 attended the event sharing a common focus on Jesus Christ, with teaching from more than a dozen well known Christian leaders as well as worship music by Hillsong United, Dominic Balli and the Rebel Band.

Each speaker challenged the body of Christ in Miami to rise to a higher level of experiencing God and through the Spirit of Unity to actually make a difference and change the world for the better in the name of Jesus. The vision of the conference was “to have charismatics working alongside Evangelicals and other mainline Christian denominations in Miami to demonstrate the love of Christ with strength and unity.”

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Response: Conferences of this type need to be repeated all across America. It is time for all Christians to stand up and be counted and united together in the name of Jesus.

It is time to see what the Father is doing and follow through. It is time for Christians to reach a new level of worship and love of Jesus. For too long we have allowed ourselves to be divided. America needs the church to be unified as never before if this nation is come out of its current trouble and continue to lead the world in freedom. Otherwise we could well see our nation descend into the dust bowl of history.   

The vision I was given many years ago of a major revival in America went across denominational lines and brought a new unity to American Christians and turned them into a force for cultural change pulling the nation out of the fire and destruction that the enemy had planned on.

This year is a critical moment where our nation is facing a number of different choices and paths. Most are not good and do not include or even recognize the hand of God. It is time for American Christians to stand up and be counted in this critical juncture of history. 

Our enemies are planning our destruction but God has different plans for our nation if Christians will stand up and be counted together bringing a new spirit of unity throughout the land—Not by military power, not by might but by my Spirit says the Lord.             *Top

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-25,000+ Young People Attend ‘Onething’ IHOP Conference



Over 25,000 young adults attended ‘Onething’ –an annual worship and teaching conference sponsored by IHOP (International House of Prayer) at Kansas City Convention Center Dec. 28-31.

The conference attracted young people from all across America and from over 50 different countries including folks from as far away as South Korea, China, New Zealand, Europe and South America.

The purpose of the conference was to rise up and equip a new generation of Christian leaders that are dedicated to ‘Onething’ only- living and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire world. Learning to love God and people with all their hearts.

In talking about the recent conference, Mike Bickle (IHOP-KC founder and director) said the following:

“We are in the early days of seeing sweeping changes that will confront the status quo in the church and in society. It is in these strategic moments that the disciples of Jesus will become the hinge of history, that pivotal point that determines which way the door will swing.”

“Right now we stand at a critical juncture in history. All across the earth, the Holy Spirit is visiting His people with power as He raises up a generation consumed with God’s zeal—zeal to see the fame of Jesus’ name go forth in the earth. Zeal to see revival in the church. Zeal to see justice established. Zeal to see a great harvest of souls.”

IHOP–KC is an evangelical missions organization based on 24/7 prayer with worship that sponsors a full-time school for training missionaries in Bible, music, and the media. IHOP is also heavily involved in evangelism, healing the sick, inner-city outreach, multiple justice initiatives, and planting houses of prayer. and training missionaries.

Here’s a link to Videos and podcasts of the recent 2010 Conference sessions.

Response: Preparation and participation in major international revival is the major theme and context of ‘Onething’ conferences. Our church sponsored a Onething conference on the West coast several years ago and I can tell you that it is an experience not to be missed if there is any way you can get to one- especially if you can get your young people to attend- it is a life changing event.

The conference in KC is the major one but others will be sponsored all across America this coming year. Check out the IHOP-KC website for the nearest one coming to your area.       *Top

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-BlogWorld and New Media Expo 2010

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I am attending the BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas today (Fri. 10/15) A great time to meet new people, see old friends, find new programs and apps. and re-evaluate everything you are doing online. Its like on big ‘Time-out’.

The day started with a ‘key note’ discussion about how blogs and new media are affecting politics and particularly the mid-term election cycle we are currently in the midst of.

The speakers included Mark Penn, a former advisor to President Clinton and PM Tony Blair and Karen Hughes, a key advisor and Under Sec. of State for President George W. Bush. The panelists included two media folks, Hugh Hewett, the radio talk host and law professor plus Reid Wilson of the print media.

Interesting conversation and frustrating at the same time. Not enough feedback and questions from the conferees. All agreed that the Internet and new media had changed politics forever. Mark Penn and especially Karen Hughes seemed to be lamenting that it was nearly impossible to control the message in a political campaign now as compared to the days when there were only 3 major networks to worry about plus the AP and half a dozen major newspapers across the country.

The exhibition is always my favorite part of the conference. I always find something new that I can use. New apps, new programs, new equipment, new companies serving the blogging industry, and lots of new ways to sell stuff and monetize a blog or website.

I will spend the next couple of weeks sorting through all of the brochures and info sheets I picked up and somewhere in that huge bag of goodies is bound to be something that I can really use and not live without.

Plus I was there when the largest cup of coffee was made-2010 gallons- a new Guinness world record. Not only that but the coffee was actually very good indeed.

My only regret is that there isn’t any ‘Christian’ track at this conference. In the past, there were ‘GodBlog’ sessions sponsored by Biola University along with a booth and gathering area in the exhibition hall. I miss the camaraderie of fellow Christian bloggers this time around.

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-Christian Conference for Men Draws over 250,000 in South Africa


Last month a conference in Greytown, South Africa, drew 250,000 men or more over a weekend event. It was sponsored by Shalom Ministries which was started by a farmer- turned evangelist Angus Buchan. The theme for the conference

was centered around Ezekiel 3:17: 

"Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore hear a word from My mouth, and give them warning from Me."

Numerous signs, wonders, and healing marked the meetings as Buchan challenged men to become godly leaders in their own homes and to change their lives.

Response: This is in direct response to the Holy Spirit moving in that nation. There are examples like this all over Africa. Lord let the fire fall here also and fill the stadiums with your power and glory all across America.            *Top

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TheCall–A Prophetic Cry for Revival

image Revival was a major subtext and focus of TheCall in San Diego on November 1st. There was a repeating call to prayer for revival in America and California during the 12 hour event. It was particularly intense during the final hour.

The significance of California in the beginning of number of major revivals and movements was cited and recalled as we looked forward to and prayed for God to move once more across this state and the entire country:

A 1890’s Holiness Movement, Azusa Street/Pentecostal Movement, Aimee Semple McPherson/Four Square Movement, Latter-Rain/Healing Movement, Bill Bright/Campus Crusade, Billy Graham/LA 1950, Jesus People Movement/Colleges/Calvary Chapel, John Wimber/Vineyard Movement…all had ties and beginnings in California.

During the last hour there was tremendous unction for revival prayer. Prophetic words were given over a call for light to spring forth from the darkness of San Francisco and Berkeley in particular.

The rebellion that typified my generation–the baby boomers, started in San Francisco in the 60’s with the Hippies and in Berkeley at the University of California.

There was a call for a new generation to rise up and reverse what happened in our American culture that started in the 60’s. A Call for revivals to spring up in San Francisco and in the California colleges and Universities, starting with Berkeley.

Interestingly, there were quite a few young folks there from the universities, probably 7-8,000 in attendance, including a student Christian group from Berkeley. The U. of California campus now has a majority student body of well disciplined Asian-American kids and lot’s of them are Christian. A real contrast to the 60’s.

The last 1/2 hour, there was a call for high school, college, and university students to dedicate themselves to God in a new more radical way, a call for prayer and fasting for revival on their campuses and in their cities.

From where I was siting, I could see the Holy Spirit blow through that group of 8-10,000 kids which was on the field standing in front of the stage–it was a sight to see–a real blessing and hope for the future.

There was a real response–followed by songs of rejoicing and celebration–which I will never forget, I’m still singing!


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