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Kingdom Economy: Not business as Usual

Prayer is the language

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Historically in America we are in a transition time politically and economically when ‘business as usual’ no longer works. Anyone who tells you they know where this is going to end up is just wrong or prophetic.

I know I’m not the only one that has been going though some difficult times economically in my business and in our family. Church and ministry leaders are finding it far more difficult to fund their ministries in 2009 than in previous years. So many in the Christian community are suffering along with everyone else in this economy.

The church that I’m part of has had to find ways to cut expenditures without downsizing valuable ministries. The economy in wealthy Orange Co. Southern California has taken a heavy hit and nearly every family is being affected in one way or another which affects giving.

In the midst of this downturn one program in the church has grown exponentially—our food and thrift warehouse. The Lord has sent capable people our way to administer our food bank. It really is a miracle when you consider that a couple of years ago it was just an empty warehouse but our pastor had a vision that one day we would be supplying food to 1000’s in need. Didn’t really seem possible or even needed 2 or 3 years ago but now we are sending entire containers full of cloths to Africa and Southeast Asia and we are feeding 1000’s of needy folks even many in our own congregation that are going through some tough times.

We are now handing out roughly $100,000 worth of food every month—there are some real miracles happening when it comes to the exponential increase in our suppliers. Not only that—it has become a real ministry outreach and an opportunity to provides for folks on many different levels including healing.

One of the major backbones of the church is our prayer ministry program—HOPE ‘House of Prayer for Everyone’—on Wednesday morning we have a Marketplace prayer group that meets and prays over the businesses of church members, over the sales of the sales folk in the congregation, and we pray for jobs for those out of work. It is a practical time where many have received prophetic insight and direction from the Lord on how to carry on in these hard economic times. Lately we have seen lots of ‘break throughs’ in business where we seem to be going one way while the economy is going another. Not only that but new innovative businesses are being launched with incredible potential.

For years, all of us Christians have carried on our everyday business like everyone else in the country and that has been good enough in this wealthy land—now like everyone else the Christian community has been going through some tough times. It is no longer ‘business as usual’ and I submit to you that it never will be again. I repeat—It never will be quite so easy for us in the future as it has been in the last 60 some years.

It is time for Christians to be involved in God’s Kingdom Economy. One way to do that is sponsor ‘Marketplace Prayer’ groups in every church and allow the Lord to reach out in a new ways and bless us with his inspiration corporately and support one another in our everyday businesses and occupations. Let Him expand our horizons and business visions in Jesus name, Amen.

Here’s a good article I just read on this: Take Possession of Your Land!              *Top

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"Hold the Panic Button"

image Here is a prophetic word from R. Loren Sandford, I have come to respect him as a very responsible prophetic minister. Usually the words that he does give out publicly have already been tested by a number of his prophetic friends. This one does very much support nearly everything that I have been receiving lately from the Lord and then some. I believe that it does balance out David Wilkerson’s  “Urgent Message”:

“I want to hit the panic button. I really do, although I suppose my concern is the fruit of spending too much time online with CNN and MSNBC. Like everyone else right now, I must fight off the tsunami wave of fear every day. God intended prophetic ministry for times like these. So here’s my own prophetic scorecard, together with a word of exhortation for believers who feel themselves drowning in a sea of bad news.” …

<<Read the entire message>>

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David Wilkerson: "AN URGENT MESSAGE"

Times Square Panorama - New York City - Novemb...

(-Picture of Times Square via Wikipedia)

On Saturday March 7, David Wilkerson put the following warning message on his blog:


For ten years I have been warning about a thousand fires coming to New York City. It will engulf the whole megaplex, including areas of New Jersey and Connecticut. Major cities all across America will experience riots and blazing fires—such as we saw in Watts, Los Angeles, years ago.

There will be riots and fires in cities worldwide. There will be looting—including Times Square, New York City. What we are experiencing now is not a recession, not even a depression. We are under God’s wrath.

<<Read the whole message>>

Response: Do any of you prophetic folks out there have any light at all on this word? This thing has gone all around the world in 24 hours. I have no light on this at all.

One of the hardest things in the prophetic is timing. Is it really time for America to experience God’s wrath? Have we really gone past the point of no return? And what of the Christian community, how is God calling us to respond? I see no hope or guidance in this message at all.

He seems to be saying that the bottom will completely drop out of the economy and that it will be worse than even the great depression–that riots and civil unrest will follow.

Is there any other prophetic folks saying anything like this anywhere? Like I said, I have no light on this and I have a hard time relating to it at all, but I will be in prayer.    *Top 

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One World Economy–Shades of Revelation?

Conference Picture  by Getty Images via Daylife


Beijing, Oct. 25 — Leaders from Asia and Europe called for new rules and a stronger regulated global monetary and financial system at the close of a two-day summit in Beijing.

It was the consensus of the conference that a new controlled world economy needed to be implemented under the supervision of a world body.  Also, the idea of a new world currency was kicked around.

<<Read my complete article>>

Response: Setting up one controlled world economy might be the beginning of an end-time scenario.

One should never over-react to world events but any attempt to completely regulate all world markets, trade, money, and economy should cause us pause to consider. Especially since it is leaders from Europe, China, and the Middle-East that are leading the way.

Throw in a new President that wants to be seen as a cooperative internationalist and we could be facing unprecedented economic and political change, and a complete realignment of World leadership and power.             *Top 

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Was the ‘Prosperity Gospel’ a Factor in the Economic Downturn?

image I have literally found at least a dozen references in articles to the ‘Prosperity Gospel’ as actually one of the factors in the economic downturn, particularly the mortgage crisis. The main article that everyone is quoting is from Time Magizine online: "Maybe We Should Blame God for the Subprime Mess", by David Van Biema. Here is how it starts out:

Has the so-called Prosperity gospel turned its followers into some of the most willing participants — and hence, victims — of the current financial crisis? That’s what a scholar of the fast-growing brand of Pentecostal Christianity believes. While researching a book on black televangelism, says Jonathan Walton, a religion professor at the University of California at Riverside, he realized that Prosperity’s central promise — that God will "make a way" for poor people to enjoy the better things in life — had developed an additional, dangerous expression during the subprime-lending boom. Walton says that this encouraged congregants who got dicey mortgages to believe "God caused the bank to ignore my credit score and blessed me with my first house." The results, he says, "were disastrous, because they pretty much turned parishioners into prey for greedy brokers."

J. Lee Grady, editor of Charisma magazine was also quoted in the Time article:

"It definitely goes on, that a preacher might say, ‘If you give this offering, God will give you a house.’ And if they did get the house, people did think that it was an answer to prayer, when in fact it was really bad banking policy."

Dr. Albert Mohler also quoted this article and responded with some thoughts of his own- "Are We Promised Prosperity?"

Response: So there you have it folks—‘Prosperity’ Charismatics and Pentecostals may have triggered the downturn along with greedy brokers and manipulating bankers?              *Top

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