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God’s Revival Economy

Wall Street

Picture-Wall Street by Still Burning via Flickr

Lately, the economic news in America and Europe has been rather frightening as one bank and financial institution after another closes or faces bankruptcy with hopes of some kind of bailout.

Recently,there have been reports that the churches near Wall Street have seen lots of financial folks lately on their knees in prayer.

I have read a lot of accounts lately about the economy and no one really seems to know how to correct the mess we are in or whether the ‘bailout bill’ just passed by Congress will actually help or not. Some even think it could make matters worse.

I believe that God is calling his church and his people to stand up in faith and participate in his Kingdom/Revival economy.

I believe that a Kingdom/Revival economy is always successful regardless of the world economic condition.

I believe that God can choose to bless his people regardless of the dominant economy.

I believe that there are a number of important economic principles given to us from the teaching and ministry of Jesus.  The Kingdom/Revival economy starts with Matthew 6:33 and faith is what makes it all work: Seek ye first the Kingdom.

More on this later.            *Top 

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Wigglesworth: "The Trial of Faith"


Here is another devotional from Charisma OnLine–another great one on faith by Smith Wigglesworth:

The Trial of Faith

Today’s message is from Smith Wigglesworth.

Gold perishes Faith never perishes. It is more precious than gold, though it be tried by fire.

Beloved, as you are tested in the fire, the Master is cleaning away all that cannot bring out His image, cleaning away all the dross from your life, all the evil, until He sees His face reflected in your life.

That the trial of your faith, . . . though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honor and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ.
1 PETER 1:7

Lord, I rejoice in my trials and sufferings as You refine my faith so that my life may reflect You. Amen.            *Top

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Wigglesworth: "Two Kinds of Faith"

Here is a great devotional I received from Charisma OnLine:


Two Kinds of Faith

Today’s message is from Smith Wigglesworth.

There are two kinds of faith that God wants us to see. There is a natural faith and there is a saving faith. All people are born with the natural faith. Natural faith has limitations.

Saving faith is a supernatural gift of God. There is the gift of faith. It is the faith of Jesus given to us as we press in and on with God. I want to put before you this difference between our faith and the faith of Jesus.

Most people have come to where they have said, “Lord, I can go no further. I have gone so far and I can go no further. I have used all the faith I have, and I just have to stop now and wait.”

As I saw in God’s presence the limitation of my natural faith, there came another faith, a supernatural faith that could not be denied, a faith that took the promise of God, a faith that believed God’s Word.

Wherefore also we pray always for you, that our God would . . . fulfil all the good pleasure of his goodness, and the work of faith with power. —2 THESSALONIANS 1:11

Holy Spirit, give me supernatural faith as I press in and on with God. As I confront the circumstances of my life daily, help me to exercise my faith with Your power. Amen.

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