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Testimonies from ‘Healing On The Streets’

imageHere’s some links to a great bunch of recent testimonies.

This comes from the street ministry our friend pastor Mark Hadfield is involved with in the UK: ‘Healing On The Streets’.

You have to read these if you want to be edified, uplifted, and encouraged:

Just another Saturday morning

Lots of healing stories

Where two or three are gathered in my Name…

Response: Praise the Lord!

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The Story of the Bakers: "Miracles in Mozambique"

image Here’s an article posted in Ministry Today Magazine by Hope Flinchbaugh– "Miracles in Mozambique". It tells the story of the revival started by the Bakers in Mozambique:

The deaf hear, the lame walk, the blind see, the dead are raised to life, and tens of thousands have surrendered their lives to Christ–all of this is happening in the southeast African country of Mozambique, a nation suffering the squalor of extreme poverty in the aftermath of a prolonged civil war.

When missionaries Heidi and Rolland Baker of California arrived in Mozambique in 1995, they struggled to begin a church and a dilapidated orphanage housing 80 children, a center previously run by communist leaders. Today the Bakers’ Iris Ministries (IM) cares for thousands of orphans and is approaching the point of having a church in every single village in large areas of central Mozambique and southern Malawi.

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Guest Articles on Revival Blog

Carl Thomas is gone with his youth group this week but there are several great articles by guest writers that are well worth reading on his Revival Blog.

First, there is an article by David Copeland: “What I have Learned From Revival“. What a great article and summary. Believe me you could read a dozen books on Revival and not get as good of understanding.

Second, For incredible encouragement, read Mark Hadfield’s account of his ongoing ‘healing on the streets’ ministry in his article: “Growing Up!“. It is really a must read. Actually gets even better if you read it a couple of times.

Third, but not nearly as impressive, is my own article about my experiences in blogging and being so blessed by many of you who stop by and drop a comment or two: “Iron Sharpens Iron“. The comments are well worth the read and touched me greatly. *Top

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“There Is Always Enough”

:”-The Amazing Story Of Rolland And Heidi Baker’s Miraculous Ministry Among The Poor”By Rolland & Heidi Baker (Kent, UK: Sovereign World Ltd, 2003, 188 pgs.)

Rolland and Heidi Baker tell their own incredible story in this book, starting at the beginning, how they met, their education and preparation (both completed their BA & MA degrees at Vanguard University, and Heidi has a PHD in Systematic Theology from King’s College, University of London), how they were called to missions, serving first in Hong Kong, and then how they eventually ended up in Mozambique serving the poorest of the poor. Read more »

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Study Puts ‘Prayers For Healing’ To The Test

A Study of 1,802 heart bypass patients and how prayer might effect recovery, concluded with some surprising results. Those who knew they were being prayed for actually fared worse, than the other two test groups who received prayer unknowingly, and those who unknowingly received no prayer at all.

One major problem that I see in the study, is the fact that those who did the praying, had no actual contact or knowledge of those who they were praying for. In order to maintain a ‘blind’ study, the people who prayed, were only given the first name and last initial of those they were expected to pray for. See Story: /March 31, 2006/Health, /March 31, 2006/Health

This leads to a number of questions. Did the members of the prayer team actually believe in the power of prayer? Better yet, that their prayers could result in healing? Also, one wonders what God may have thought about this study, did he really like being put to the test? This could really affect the results.

Personally, I have always believed that prayer could bring healing from God. Yet there was a time in my ministry when I had very little faith that my prayers would be effective, and most of the time they weren’t. But then there were those surprising occasions when healing really did come, and my faith was lifted to a different level. There are still times when I pray for the sick, that I feel that I am just going through the motions, but other times The Holy Spirit comes and brings compassion & faith that is well beyond my natural capacity. The results are far greater on those occasions.

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