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Join The War on Terror -Pray for a Terrorist!

This is not an April fool’s day joke! There is a new Internet ministry, Adopt a Terrorist for Prayer (ATFP), which is urging Christians to adopt a terrorist and pray for them. Just as Jesus Christ instructed his disciples to love and pray for their enemies.

 image The ministry has pictures of all the major known terrorists and suggests that you select one (adopt) to pray for. As ATFP founder Dr. Thomas Bruce states:

“People can go to to learn about nearly a hundred prominent at-large and captured individuals identified by the FBI and State Department as either terrorists or terrorism sponsors,” the ministry founder said.

He added, “Visitors can then find a terrorist to pray for, as well as see how many others are praying for them. It’s all about connecting these prayer warriors to each other to see how others are praying, to encourage each other, to spread the word, and fight this War on Terrorism in a powerful and spiritual way.”

Response: The on-going battle and clash against Islamic terror is more of a spiritual battle against principalities and powers than most people realize. I believe that prayer could be a more powerful weapon in the War on Terror than thousands of armed forces and could actually bring about changes that can’t necessarily be accomplished through natural means.  Here’s a link to their website.            *Top

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Day One: GodblogCon 2007 and BlogWorld Expo

Join Me at Blog World Expo

Greetings from Las Vegas, Nevada, I am here at the Blogworld & New Media Expo and GodblogCon 2007, along with thousands of fellow bloggers. Today has been an eye opening experience. I am like a kid in a candy store. < Read the rest on my AFTF blog>

Note: Podcasts of the GodblogCon sessions are available @

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“Forgive Me Whomever?” -A look a Internet Confession

Until I read this article, I had no idea that thousands of people everyday were confessing their sins on the internet. Thousands sense a lack and a need in their lives and are turning to the internet for answers and absolution?

My first reaction is horror and sadness that so many are really seeking God in their lives and don’t really know it. Instead they find some kind of human band aid to pacify the hurt and receive some kind of justification and faux forgiveness through the comments of other online seekers.

Finally though, I see a vast potential for true revival to come and bring the reality of God into the lives of countless thousands who do not currently know Jesus or a faithful representation of his church.

Update: Here is an article posted today about a Christian confession site that stresses prayer and confession directly to God.


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Worship on the Internet

Here’s a real interesting article about religion on the internet. It starts out talking about religion in general on the internet and presents some awesome statistics:

“…the number of Web pages dealing with God, religion and churches increased from 14 million in 1999 to 200 million in 2004. Religion now nearly rivals sex as a topic on the Internet: A search for “sex” on Google returns about 408 million hits, while a search for “God” yields 396 million. “

Then the majority of the article talks about India and how popular the internet has become to the younger set in searching for religion, prayers, and Hindu services. It even explores the popularity of Indian religious sites with Indians who are living out of the country in places like the UK or USA.

After reading the article, I believe that there could be a real opportunity to spread the gospel in India through the internet, particularly among the young.


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