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-Praying for Libya and The Muslim Nations in Turmoil

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The 42 reign of Gaddafi seems to be coming to an end. Egypt is up in the air and Syria faces major revolts. Even Jordan has been affected by demonstrations against the government. The whole Muslim Middle east and Northern Africa is in the state of flux. How it will all end nobody knows.

One thing for sure, we need to be praying for the people and for the Gospel to finally be free to touch the lives of 100’s of millions presently subjected to the darkness of Islam. These nations are obviously being shaken for a purpose. At the same time, we know that in many of these nations there is an on-going illegal ‘secret revival’ where millions of Muslims are becoming followers of the real Jesus through dreams, visions. and healings.

One Christian leader, Nik Ripken of the International Mission Board, is hoping for the Roman road to be open once more to facilitate the spread of Christianity. Ripken is asking believers worldwide to pray for the kind of stability in Libya where access to Jesus will be a basic human right. Christianity has long been restricted in that nation:

“Often we ask people to pray that governments provide the safety and security necessary for the gospel to spread, such as the early church had under the Roman Empire. But when stability is the stability of governments that deny their people even access to Jesus, then that is the worst form of persecution.”

There is a shaking going on among the nations. Charismatics and Pentecostals give lip service to the idea that God is really in charge of events going on around the world.

Now is a good time for us to join in prayer and pray for revival to continue unabated and reach a new level in Muslim countries that are now facing instability. May the new governments that replace the old make it more possible for greater religious freedom among the people of that region. Lord let the revival continue and increase.            *Top

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-God is Still Calling Missionaries…

Middle East

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From Baptist news: A story of God calling one American family to be missionaries in North Africa and the Middle East and the obstacles they faced along the way including all they left behind.

The couple was inspired by the testimony of a missionary telling about God reaching out to Muslims:

For the first time, Amy heard stories about God appearing to Muslims in dreams and visions. The more the missionary shared, the more Amy wanted to go.

"I was very jealous that people were seeing God move in miraculous ways, and I was like, ‘Lord, I want to see that.’ … And I just told Him right then, ‘Lord, if You’ll call Seth, I’ll go.’"

Her husband Seth did respond to an alter call for those who believed that God was calling them to be missionaries.

<<Read the whole inspiring story>>

Then read this account of an Australian Pentecostal couple who have dedicated their lives and their family’s to sharing the Gospel with the neglected Aborigines in the outback.

Read about ‘power encounters’, healings, and miracles along the way as they have established churches among this neglected hard to reach people. In J. Lee Grady latest article:

<<Battling Snakes and Demons in Australia’s Outback>>


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Jerusalem: An Interview with Heidi Baker, Part Two

Here’s Chris Mitchell’s second interview with Heidi Baker: “Back to Jerusalem

The following is part of the Mitchell’s intro to this video:

Many of you may have heard of the "Back to Jerusalem" vision of the Chinese church. …

In this second part of our interview with Heidi Baker of Iris Ministries, she tells how they’re planting thousands of churches throughout Africa on their way back to Jerusalem. It’s all part of the fulfillment of the Great Commission…

Heidi also shares some of the lessons the church in the West can learn from the people who are "the poorest of the poor." These are people dependent and desperate for God. As Heidi says, "if God doesn’t show up, they’re dead." But she says He does show up, the God who is alive!


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Jerusalem: An Interview with Heidi Baker, Part One

Chris Mitchell of CBN News interviewed Heidi Baker of Iris Ministries in Jerusalem a few days ago. This first video contains an update on the ongoing revival ministries of Heidi and her husband Rolland in Mozambique and Malawi, Africa where they have planted 10’s of thousands of churches, and run several orphanages and a school of ministry.

I have personally experienced their ministry several times in my home church during their visits back home to South Orange County California. Always an incredible experience.

This is what Chris Mitchell in way of introduction on his Jerusalem Dateline CBN website:

“Would you believe people are being raised from the dead? Or the deaf hearing? Even food being multiplied? Heidi Baker believes it and has seen it. …

What happened then sounds like stories straight out of the Book of Acts. But Heidi insists it’s happening today. She says it’s a story of miracles and Muslims coming to faith in Jesus.”


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Why We Should Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

imageForget the parades and particularly the green beer. Though I will take the corned beef and cabbage but please add some potatoes and carrots–it’s the only day of the year that I can get my wife to fix one of my favorite meals but unfortunately not one of hers.

We really should be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day because he started a major revival that ended up converting an entire pagan nation to Christianity. Not only that, it all happened before there were any denominations, so the Catholics can’t exclusively claim Patrick for themselves–he was a Christian period!

But who was this Patrick anyway? A man born into a Roman Christian family in Wales around 385 AD with a given name of Macwyn Succat. He didn’t make it to Ireland until he was kidnapped at 16 and enslaved by Irish bandits. After six years of service he heard a voice from God instructing him to escape slavery and make it back home.

He did miraculously escape and went on to study at a Christian seminary to become a Priest. Then had a vision from God to return to Ireland as a missionary.

There were really no Christians at the time in Ireland and he singlehandedly established the church in that country while refusing tribute and support from the noblemen and kings. He converted and baptized thousands of pagans, and ordained hundreds of Priests and set up an untold number of Christian communities and churches. Not to mention the signs, wonders, miracles and healings that followed.

Patrick started a revival that converted an entire nation to Christ. Now that’s something to celebrate about!            *Top  

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