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Rolland Baker is in need of Our Prayers

 image From Iris Ministries Weblog:

Rolland Baker Health Update from Heidi – 9 October 2008

Last week Rolland was diagnosed with an advanced case of malaria after several days of what he thought was a stomach bug.  He was admitted to the hospital and put on an IV quinine drip and monitored closely for any damage to vital organs.  His kidneys were shutting down at the time, but they are functioning again.  Thank you for your urgent prayers.  <<Read the whole update from Heidi>>

The Bakers have brought Jesus and healing to an entire nation. The story of their ministry in Mozambique and also Malawi is beyond incredible.

It is a story of revival and 1,000 of whole villages coming to Christ. A story of confrontation with witch doctors, Muslim clerics, and self-serving government officials.

It is a story of signs & wonders, miracles & healing, and an uncommon display and example of the Father’s love to the poorest of the poor in a poor nation.

We need to pray for Rolland right now and for full recovery in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.            *Top

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Christians on Wallstreet turn to Prayer

image Most business executives, particularly those working on Wallstreet, were aware last weekend that the country was facing unprecedented problems that could well bring down the entire economy of the USA and with it the world in the week ahead. Many turned to God at that time in prayer. Here is a CT article about how some on Wallstreet responded.

Response: Most of us lived this week like any other and were unaware of the crisis and the potential for financial meltdown. This last week was a nightmare scenario for many working in the financial district and for some in Washington DC also. Prayers are still needed if we are going to completely get out of the dark woods we are presently in.         *Top

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Good Friday: Nigerian Christians Ask for Prayers Today

From J. Lee Grady, Fire in My Bones, Charisma Online, Wednesday 19, 2008:

 image image An Urgent Cry From Nigeria’s Christians–Nigerian Christians have asked the world to pray for them on Good Friday as they face the growing threat of Muslim violence. A quote from the article by Grady:

"I am linking arms with my Nigerian brothers, and I ask you to do the same this Friday. When one part of Christ’s body is suffering, we all suffer. If the radical Islamic agenda succeeds in Nigeria—where African Christianity is most vibrant—Islam could swallow a continent. We desperately need intervention from God."


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Today (Nov.11): International Day of Prayer (IDOP)

Today, Nov. 11, 2007, marks the official ‘International Day of Prayer’. Millions of fellow Christians around the world will unite in prayer Sunday for our persecuted brothers and sisters suffering under intolerant governments.

This year, Christians are asked to concentrate their prayers on all the ‘Secret Believers’, those who live in Muslim countries and cultures, who have converted from Islam to Christianity. They are in particular need of our prayers since they face continual persecution and/or imprisonment and death.

here’s a link to the official IDOP website. See also: Secret Believer’s. org and


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An Urgent Call for Prayer from Mozambique

Monday evening (Oct. 22) Heidi Baker posted on her blog an Urgent call for prayer for Iris Ministries in Mozambique and particularly for her husband Rolland, who has been very sick and recently flew to Amsterdam for treatment. According to Heidi, the mission and the leaders have been facing intense spiritual warfare lately and are hoping for stronger prayer covering for their ministry. Read her post for the complete details. *Top

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