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-“What in the World Is Happening?”

image What in the World Is Happening? -Cindy deVille asks this question in her latest offering to Charisma’s Prophetic Insight. She observes:

“We have witnessed unprecedented flooding, hurricanes, and other natural disasters, including the erupting of a volcano that shut down most of Europe’s air travel. We have seen a historic oil spill threatening our coastlines and economic systems; massive earthquakes; tsunamis; wars; severe rioting; political unrest; economic turmoil and terrorists bent on killing masses.

Nations are in an uproar! What in the world is going on?”

Response: This is a question that many of us have been asking lately. At first it all seemed to be just a series of unrelated happenings and maybe some of them are just that . However, as these extreme events begin to pile up many are seeing the entire world turned upside down physically, economically, and politically.

It is no longer possible to ignore that something major is going on and changes are happening to our world that will change it for ever. Meanwhile the gospel is reaching nations and peoples in places where it has never been before. What is God’s message for his people and his church today in the midst of these chaotic times? According to Cindy deVille:

“The church can—and must—be ready for the days ahead!”

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-Earthquakes, Prophecy, and Pentecost

Earthquake in Italy
(Image by luca.m. via Flickr)

The ‘end-time’ teachers are going crazy covering all of the major earthquakes lately falling over themselves noting how the scriptures include the escalation of world-wide earthquakes as one of the signs of the end-times.

Many are expecting to be raptured at any moment. However, I don’t believe that the Lord is finished with humanity quite yet.

If we are entering the final moments of history before the return of Jesus than we can also expect a world-wide harvest that touches every nation. After all, we are commanded to make disciples of all nations and for me the most important end-time sign of all is this one:

“And this Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end shall come.” –Matt. 24:14

Many looking for a quick rapture typically don’t consider** that there are still places in this world that the Gospel has not reached yet but the pace is picking up at an incredible rate right now. Already there are major revivals going on all over the world particularly in Africa, India, and Asia including a hidden harvests going on in Muslim countries. Over six million Muslims have been secretly coming to Christ every year since 9/11/2001.

Here’s a prophetic message from Cindy Jacobs:

The Winds of Pentecost

She believes that major revivals are going to break out at every one of the recent earthquake locations:

On December 31, 2009, the Holy Spirit spoke through me and said: “I’m going to shake the earth. You will begin to see earthquakes—I am going to shake everything that can be shaken. Look where the earthquakes are hitting because God is going to release a wind of Pentecost in those places.”

She also says that the Day of Pentecost this year is particularly important for ushering in a new world-wide revival:

Pentecost this year is May 23, …

God wants His winds of Pentecost to blow at Pentecost. The Lord says: “I want My people to pray in a new Pentecost that will sweep the face of the earth, for I am coming with divine visitation that will touch heaven and earth. Many will be swept into the kingdom of God, and My glory will pour out with signs and wonders both in heaven and [on] the earth!”

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**Note:  There is a popular teaching among many that there is nothing that still has to happen before Jesus returns for his church. Some teach that the Gospel reached the entire known world in the first century. But of course this doesn’t consider the millions that lived in the Americas which for me is a major problem for that theory.

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-American Church: In Transition-No longer ‘Business as Usual’

Word for the Church

One thing that should be obvious to most of us involved in the American church is that we are in a time of transition and nothing quite works the way it use to. Many major ministries that have been successful in the past are finding that past formulas no longer work and many find themselves in economic difficulty.

The lesson to be learned in this time of transition is to listen more closely to the Holy Spirit and ask for God’s help in everything that we do even the perfunctory tasks that we use to take for granted and perform automatically. We really do have to understand that ‘business as usual’ no longer works in the natural and in the Spiritual realm. What passed for natural wisdom can longer be counted on.

This goes even more so for Christians involved in businesses right now. It is a new day economically in America and Christian business folks should link up with intercessors and band together to support one another in prayer and seek special guidance. Spiritual creativity is in order as businesses fall away on the right and the left in America.

Here is a prophetic message from Barbara Wentroble that speaks about where we are at: “Transition Into Your Destiny

She opens with this:

You and I are at the halfway point in a three-year time of transition. A prophetic word has come forth that the years 2008 through 2011 are a season of transition. In God’s timing, the halfway point can be the most dangerous time during transition. It is a time when some people decide the journey is too difficult. They can’t seem to catch the vision for the new place, so they decide to go back to an old place. Others make wrong turns that cause them to take a detour from their destinations.

Decisions made at this juncture will affect the future. They will either lead a person into his destiny or lead him away from what God has purposed for him.

Then at the end there is this important observation:

The Lord is transitioning His people from an old mindset of escapism to a more biblical mindset of occupying until he comes.

I believe that this last statement is 100% correct. For too long the American church has been a place of entertainment and escapism—also a place that only sells an ‘escapist’ eternal future. It is now time for the church to actually occupy until he comes and become the people of the Kingdom—‘Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done. On earth…”


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-“A Great Visitation”

image A prophetic message from Cindy deVille:

A Great Visitation

A few quotes:

"Prepare your fields for rain, for I am coming!"

“It is time for the church to awaken from complacency and slumber! It is time to prepare, just as this word says.

Remember, this Great Visitation—His glory—is not coming to entertain us or to make us feel good, but to transform us. It will be a time of great change in the church—a time to set His house in order; a time of great cleansing, purifying, unifying and making ready the bride of Christ to rise up and be glorious in the earth. It will be a season of being prepared for His great end-time work—to bring in the harvest of souls—as well as for His return.”

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-A Call for Repentance: Is Judgment Coming to LA?

The Hollywood Sign, shot from an aircraft at a...
(Image via Wikipedia)

Here’s A prophetic call for repentance across America but particularly for LA and Southern California from Rob Winters of Phoenix, Arizona:

“A Call for Repentance”

Some quotes from the article:

Although the “big one” has not yet struck the southern California coast, recent earthquakes that have devastated Haiti, Chile and other countries along the “ring of fire” have set off an alarm in my spirit. …

Therefore, I am issuing a call to repentance to Christians throughout America, especially those in greater Los Angeles. You may be wondering why Los Angeles is ripe for judgment. For the past century, through music and media, Hollywood has become the headquarters for the propagation of pornography, violence, greed, alcoholism, the drug culture, New Age practices, homosexual and pro-choice agendas, and a host of other anti-Christ views that have poisoned the lives of millions throughout the world.

Although repentance and intercession will lessen the number of deaths and degree of destruction, the Los Angeles earthquake will be formidable and is inevitable. However, we need to take action and mobilize prayer now.

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Response: Repentance is definitely in order and a major component of any revival. Living in So. California myself, I would rather have revival instead. There is already a major stirring among the young people out here particularly on college and university campuses. I am hoping for another ‘Jesus People’ type move.

Southern California is already going through some major economic difficulties. The state of California is nearly bankrupt and increasing taxes right and left mostly through new fees for everything. Many businesses have left California and have relocated in Las Vegas and in Phoenix because of the excessive costs of doing business in the state due to taxes, business fees, and new ‘global warming’ environmental regulations.

The unemployment rate is officially over 10% but in reality it is closer to 20%. Those who has been unemployed for over 6 months are dropped from the official list. This doesn’t even begin to cover underemployment.

Some of the things that Rob Winters looks for have already happened. A major earthquake- ‘The Big One’ is long over due in Southern California and many Christians have had dreams and visions of it. It is a matter of time and God’s timing.

Major intercession and prayers among the Christian community in So. California have held back God’s judgment. I am still praying for major Revival instead. There are thousands of others out here who are doing the same.            *Top

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