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50% of Southern Baptist Pastors Believe in Tongues?

A surprising study shows that half of the Southern Baptist senior pastors actually believe in the gift of tongues. On the downside the study also shows that recent Southern Baptist seminary graduates are (55%) far more cessationist in their views.

The study also found that 66% of non-SBC Protestant senior pastors believe in the gift while only 33% said they didn’t.


There is a far greater openness to the gift of tongues than what I believed was even possible; particularly among the Southern Baptists which have usually been characterized as being in the ‘cessationist’ camp.

If a similar poll was taken in 1906, I wonder how it would have compared to this one. I believe that it would have shown that opinions and practices have changed drastically in 100 years since Azusa Street. The gift of tongues is no longer an oddity practiced by poor and ignorant folks living on the other side of the tracks and worshiping in a barn. *Top

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Comparing Islam and Christianity -The Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts

Islam and Christianity have very different views about the Holy Spirit and Spiritual gifts.

1. The Holy Spirit: Read my article comparing the views and different identity of the Holy Spirit within the two religions –posted on my Apologetica blog.

2. Spiritual Gifts According to Islam:

There are no spiritual gifts in Islam. All signs and miracles are done directly by Allah: “Signs are only with Allah” -Sura 6:109-110. No man can perform healing or miracles. The only miracle that Muhammad did was to deliver the Koran–The Koran is the greatest miracle of all in Islam. Read more »

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“My Conversation with God”: An Anonymous Testimony That made My Day

I just finished reading an incredible article that I received from Christianity Today. It actual made my day and my night also! It is an anonymous testimony from a professor of theology which is obviously not Pentecostal or Charismatic. In fact he says:

I’m a middle-aged professor of theology at a well-known Christian university. I’ve written award-winning books. My name is on Christianity Today’s masthead. For years I’ve taught that God still speaks, but I couldn’t testify to it personally. I can only do so now anonymously, for reasons I hope will be clear.

A year after hearing God’s voice, I still can’t talk or even think about my conversation with God without being overcome with emotion. That’s one reason I know it was real; I’m not a person who shows emotion easily. Plus, I’m a skeptic about things supernatural. Not that I don’t believe they can happen; I just doubt most miracle stories except the ones in the Bible. I’ve even been known to criticize publicly what I consider to be overly experiential forms of Christianity. I suppose that makes this story especially ironic.

Here’s the link and the title: “My Conversation with God“. It is well worth the five minutes or so it takes to read it. warning: Kleenex might be needed. I had to hunt some up half way into it. Read my comments following: Read more »

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Interesting Research on Speaking in Tongues

The University of Pennsylvania has been conducting tests viewing brain images of people while they were speaking in tongues. I found reference to this in the January copy of Charima Magazine (pg. 15). A complete article on this research can be read at Newswise with this link, including the following important quotes: Read more »

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