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-An Incredible Creative Miracle

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Here’s the testimony of an incredible ‘creative miracle’. A creative miracle is when God does the impossible and re-grows dead or missing tissue-like a missing arm or in this case replaces dead lung tissue.

This is the story of a little boy named Jacob who was one day in bed with life threatening lung disease and cardio complications and the next weekend boogie boarding at the beach on a fine warm Southern California spring day.

It is also a praise report of provision for the whole family during the crisis, and a story of unseen prayers of regular folks like you praying for healing and provision. The following is a first-hand account from Jacob’s mother:


Jacob had his appointment with the Pulmonologist this morning at CHOC.  Dr. Y. was STUNNED by the incredible difference in his CT Scan!!!!

The prior CT Scan showed his left lung was 90% filled with Nasty Battle-Droids…I mean Pneumatoceles.  The Doctors could not see ANY healthy lung tissue.  They “hoped” if they did surgery to remove the dead lung tissue and the HUGE Pneumatoceles they may be able to salvage a portion of his lung and healthy lung tissue “might” re-grow. 

Also, the border of Jacob’s lung was so damaged that it was allowing his lung to push into his heart causing pain.  The Doctor’s were worried that Jacob’s dead left lung would damage his healthy heart.  That is why then called the heart and lung surgical expert, Dr. Palafox.  If they were removing the lung and the heart had been compromised he would be the best man to take care of them both while he was inside Jacob’s chest.  They planned to remove the “dead-lung” to save the heart.  You have two lungs and can live with only one…the heart is a non-negotiable. 

The healthy lung tissue is now THERE and the Pneumatoceles are NOT!!

God did not need to wait for surgery to clear anything out of His way… He just created NEW HEALTHY lung tissue just like HE did when he formed Jacob’s lungs originally 8-years ago!!  The border of Jacob’s lung is now strong and his heart is not being touched in any way.  Praise GOD!!

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Testimonies, Healings, and Praise Reports:

imageHere’s a link to a new website I administer for Vineyard Community Church Laguna Niguel:

 VCC Testimonies

Lot’s of recent testimonies, healings, and praise reports–sure to edify and encourage.           *Top

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Incredible Short Story of Redemption!

image Flag of South Korea

QUOTE: “I feel like I was born again. I will live my life, fixing my eyes only on Jesus on the cross.”—70-year-old Lee Keun-ahn

Lee Keun-ahn who was known as the “Torture Master” in the 1980s because of the inhumane ways he used in extracting information for the North Korean military regime.

Lee went into hiding for 12 years during which he became a Christian and later turned himself in to South Korean authorities and spent seven years in prison where he enrolled in a correspondence seminary school. Now Lee serves as an ordained pastor in South Korea. [, 11/1/08]            *Top

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A Testimony by Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow, quarterback for the Florida Gators ...

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From New Man eMagazine: 

In His Own Words …

Tim Tebow on Preaching at Prison

“Because of my faith, I receive a lot of requests to speak to different organizations. I like to do as many as I can. During the summer of 2007, I had the opportunity to speak at the state prison in Union County. I got to get up and preach.

The people there don’t have a lot to look forward to, and they don’t have a positive outlook on things. I told them that everyone looks at them like they are nothing, and I told them that they are no different than I am, except they made a bad choice. That doesn’t make them any worse of a person, and God doesn’t love them any less. I let them know that because of their actions, there are consequences, but God wants them to go to heaven.

There were people in there for all sorts of things. There were murderers and drug lords. I saw these guys break down and cry. I gave them an invitation to accept Jesus Christ and change the way they were living.

In the two prisons I spoke at, 195 guys came forward. I held their hands and prayed with them. The security guys told them they weren’t allowed to get close to me, but I wasn’t worried about it. I felt like I was doing what God wanted me to do, so it was safe.”

By Tim Tebow
Quarterback, University of Florida


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Another Muslim Comes to Christ Via Vision

image I found this over at Persecution Blog, the original is from Reuters. Testimonies like this never really get old and bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart every time:

Amin said he became aware of Jesus Christ after dreaming that a figure dressed in a white robe approached him in a forest and handed him a Bible.

"When I told my father I had become a Christian he just stared at me without speaking. Then he said: ‘From now on, you are not my son. Go to those people, let them feed you and give you a home — we’ll see who cares for you’," said Amin.

He left town, stopped his studies and now lives from translation work offered by a Christian missionary group.

Response: Thousands of Muslims are coming to Christ every year through dreams and visions. It is a radical decision for these folks when they come out of the closet and declare their new faith in Jesus. All are rejected by their families, most suffer some kind of persecution, and many even face death.

These folk really know first hand what Christmas is all about and received the gift of his Son Jesus regardless of the consequences.            *Top

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