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-BlogWorld and New Media Expo 2010

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I am attending the BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas today (Fri. 10/15) A great time to meet new people, see old friends, find new programs and apps. and re-evaluate everything you are doing online. Its like on big ‘Time-out’.

The day started with a ‘key note’ discussion about how blogs and new media are affecting politics and particularly the mid-term election cycle we are currently in the midst of.

The speakers included Mark Penn, a former advisor to President Clinton and PM Tony Blair and Karen Hughes, a key advisor and Under Sec. of State for President George W. Bush. The panelists included two media folks, Hugh Hewett, the radio talk host and law professor plus Reid Wilson of the print media.

Interesting conversation and frustrating at the same time. Not enough feedback and questions from the conferees. All agreed that the Internet and new media had changed politics forever. Mark Penn and especially Karen Hughes seemed to be lamenting that it was nearly impossible to control the message in a political campaign now as compared to the days when there were only 3 major networks to worry about plus the AP and half a dozen major newspapers across the country.

The exhibition is always my favorite part of the conference. I always find something new that I can use. New apps, new programs, new equipment, new companies serving the blogging industry, and lots of new ways to sell stuff and monetize a blog or website.

I will spend the next couple of weeks sorting through all of the brochures and info sheets I picked up and somewhere in that huge bag of goodies is bound to be something that I can really use and not live without.

Plus I was there when the largest cup of coffee was made-2010 gallons- a new Guinness world record. Not only that but the coffee was actually very good indeed.

My only regret is that there isn’t any ‘Christian’ track at this conference. In the past, there were ‘GodBlog’ sessions sponsored by Biola University along with a booth and gathering area in the exhibition hall. I miss the camaraderie of fellow Christian bloggers this time around.

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