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-A Call for Repentance: Is Judgment Coming to LA?

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Here’s A prophetic call for repentance across America but particularly for LA and Southern California from Rob Winters of Phoenix, Arizona:

“A Call for Repentance”

Some quotes from the article:

Although the “big one” has not yet struck the southern California coast, recent earthquakes that have devastated Haiti, Chile and other countries along the “ring of fire” have set off an alarm in my spirit. …

Therefore, I am issuing a call to repentance to Christians throughout America, especially those in greater Los Angeles. You may be wondering why Los Angeles is ripe for judgment. For the past century, through music and media, Hollywood has become the headquarters for the propagation of pornography, violence, greed, alcoholism, the drug culture, New Age practices, homosexual and pro-choice agendas, and a host of other anti-Christ views that have poisoned the lives of millions throughout the world.

Although repentance and intercession will lessen the number of deaths and degree of destruction, the Los Angeles earthquake will be formidable and is inevitable. However, we need to take action and mobilize prayer now.

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Response: Repentance is definitely in order and a major component of any revival. Living in So. California myself, I would rather have revival instead. There is already a major stirring among the young people out here particularly on college and university campuses. I am hoping for another ‘Jesus People’ type move.

Southern California is already going through some major economic difficulties. The state of California is nearly bankrupt and increasing taxes right and left mostly through new fees for everything. Many businesses have left California and have relocated in Las Vegas and in Phoenix because of the excessive costs of doing business in the state due to taxes, business fees, and new ‘global warming’ environmental regulations.

The unemployment rate is officially over 10% but in reality it is closer to 20%. Those who has been unemployed for over 6 months are dropped from the official list. This doesn’t even begin to cover underemployment.

Some of the things that Rob Winters looks for have already happened. A major earthquake- ‘The Big One’ is long over due in Southern California and many Christians have had dreams and visions of it. It is a matter of time and God’s timing.

Major intercession and prayers among the Christian community in So. California have held back God’s judgment. I am still praying for major Revival instead. There are thousands of others out here who are doing the same.            *Top

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