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-God is Still Calling Missionaries…

Middle East

(Middle East by rogiro via Flickr)

From Baptist news: A story of God calling one American family to be missionaries in North Africa and the Middle East and the obstacles they faced along the way including all they left behind.

The couple was inspired by the testimony of a missionary telling about God reaching out to Muslims:

For the first time, Amy heard stories about God appearing to Muslims in dreams and visions. The more the missionary shared, the more Amy wanted to go.

"I was very jealous that people were seeing God move in miraculous ways, and I was like, ‘Lord, I want to see that.’ … And I just told Him right then, ‘Lord, if You’ll call Seth, I’ll go.’"

Her husband Seth did respond to an alter call for those who believed that God was calling them to be missionaries.

<<Read the whole inspiring story>>

Then read this account of an Australian Pentecostal couple who have dedicated their lives and their family’s to sharing the Gospel with the neglected Aborigines in the outback.

Read about ‘power encounters’, healings, and miracles along the way as they have established churches among this neglected hard to reach people. In J. Lee Grady latest article:

<<Battling Snakes and Demons in Australia’s Outback>>


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