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-Moves of God in America?


(VCC Mercy Warehouse-Kelly Lynn Photography)

God is moving and bringing major revivals all around the world and nearly on every continent except in the Western countries of North America and Europe. Even in Europe there is revival among the Roma (Gypsies) people.

But in the USA some are asking if the glory has departed. Others are boldly proclaiming God’s judgment every time a natural disaster happens or there’s a mass murder event. Still others including myself are observing that America could use a new awakening in order to bring us back from the brink.

However, what I am really expecting right now are diverse moves of God in individual churches and communities all across America and Canada. Most of these moves will probably never reach a level where they will ever be acknowledged by the main stream media but thousands of people and maybe even millions could ultimately be touched by some move or another –a few hundred at a time.

Here’s an example of what I am looking for- a move of God in a regular church that started with intercession and healing: “God’s Big Move in a Small Town

Another example in the making: Here at VCC Laguna Niguel (CA) there are some remarkable things happening. We have a 20,000 sf warehouse where we provide food and clothing for over a 1000 poor and jobless in South OC. In the last 3 months or so over 150 people have been saved along with hundreds of healings happening right in the middle of the warehouse. In fact it is the healings and the miracles that are leading to the conversions.

Now it is spilling over into our regular worship services and at least someone is healed at nearly every service. I would not call it revival but it sure is great and our expectations have been escalating.

Also I attend a marketplace prayer group once a week at VCC where we pray for each others jobs, businesses, and pray for those who need jobs and greater opportunities. We are now seeing answers to prayer and miraculous testimonies every week while the business climate of our county has been poor and in the midst of recession. Personally I have had several nearly impossible answers to prayer when it comes to my job and business. Believe me when I say that my expectations and those of all who attend these meetings have certainly escalated since I started attending the prayer services 3 years ago.

Point is, looking back I can see that God is moving in our midst and has been for some time but there is nothing happening at VCC that couldn’t and shouldn’t be happening everywhere else in America. However we still have a long ways to go.

When we send mission teams to India, Cambodia, Asia, Africa or elsewhere they experience a different level of the miraculous and nearly everyone they pray for are healed. We are not there yet back at home in South OC but it is sure better than it use to be.

Still it is a lot like Nazareth- only a few healings at a time. But I can see the faith rising and with it the expectations of our people. It is time for the faith and expectations of Christians in America, who seem to be on the defensive right now (Chick-fil-A et al), to rise above our surrounding dominant secular culture and allow God to move among us in a fresh way. Let’s move out of Nazareth and head back towards Azusa St. and Wales.            *Top

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-A Move of God in Pakistan

image(Photo: Marilyn Hickey Ministries)

Pakistan is a place where Christians are constantly being persecuted. In fact it ranks 10th on Open Doors’ 2012 World Watch List of the worst persecutors of Christians. Also, on another one of my blogs I am frequently posting about the ongoing persecution there. Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit is on the move in the radical Islamic Republic of Pakistan and thousands of Muslims are being brought to Christ every year no matter what.

Here’s an article about one such move going on in Azam Basti, a suburb of Karachi: “Pakistan’s Pentecost

The Christian community has been allowed to build a number of large churches  in the area. Most started out as small house churches that expanded through conversions to number in the thousands even in the midst of all of the adversity and persecution. According to the article, even a number of imams have come to Christ sacrificing everything.

Even more astounding, a recent Marilyn Hickey healing crusade drew more than 200,000 people on one night in Karachi. Plus it was actually supported by a number of high-level government officials.

<Read the entire article, you will be blessed>

Pakistan is not a country you think of when the topic is Revival but there are Muslims being converted to the real Jesus every day there. Like everywhere else in Muslim countries, many are being converted through dreams and visions. However it is a very hard place for new believers and many lose everything including their families in the process but their blessings will last for all eternity.               *Top

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-Greenland: A Sovereign Work Among the Inuit

Greenland map

Image via Wikipedia

Greenland is that big island on the world map in the north between Canada and Iceland. The land mass is huge but only 58,000 or so live there and most of them are native Inuit (88%), many of which have immigrated from Canadian islands.

There has been a Christian mission there for over 40 years with very little success. Now God is reaching out to the Inuit people and for the first time ever they are now beginning to outnumber the Europeans in church. A remarkable story:

God’s Love Melting Hearts in Icy Greenland

Response: Another people and nation where God is sovereignly moving and calling out and harvesting his people.

It occurs to me that this might be just the beginning. After a strong core of Inuit Christians are established in Greenland then the islands and north country of Canada could be next. It is really remarkable that a brother from Singapore is instrumental in this move.

Look for the Asian Church, especially the Chinese and Korean Christians, to rise up and bring revival all around the world. Particularly in places where Americans and Europeans are not able to go or not all that welcome.            *Top

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-Let’s Pray for Our ‘Dead Cows’

Here’s an inspirational story from The Gospel for Asia: God Uses Dead Cow to Bring Salvation to Entire Family


It is the story of how God used a dead cow to bring the gospel to a village in Asia. A miracle reviving of a dead cow opened up hearts to Jesus.

Response: It is time for us comfortable Western Christians to reach out and pray for our own ‘dead cows’ and open up the way for God to work miracles.

It might be a failed business or marriage. A relationship given up on long ago. It could revolve around someone who you think could never come to Christ. It could be someone who needs to be healed.

Sometimes it is risky to pray for others or particularly to even ask someone if they wouldn’t mind being prayed for. The results could be a miracle that changes lives. God does it but we must still participate by asking for the miracle or healing in the first place.

It is time for us to participate in a revival culture- one that expects God to move.  What would have happened when Elijah confronted the priests of Baal if all he did was silently and privately prayed but never publically exercised faith in calling down fire from heaven?                *Top

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A Las Vegas Move of God

So many go to Vegas to see cards, dice, and slot dials moving. But God and His Holy Spirit also move in places that folks never expect.

There’s a move of God happening at Central Christian Church in Las Vegas. It is a large ‘mega’ church, but 2,500 folk have come to Christ in the last few months and they recently had a baptism where they expected 500 but 1,200 got dunked instead, Praise God!

Here’s a video of the baptism celebration:

Here’s a response from the senior pastor Jud Wilhite:

"Nothing in the past 15 years of ministry prepared me for what I witnessed, I still don’t have words to adequately describe it. All I can say is, ‘Only God.’"

…"I haven’t been able to fully process it,I doubt I ever will. What I do know is that this was not about great programming, but about our great God who chose to move in people’s lives in a tremendous way, in one of the world’s least likely cities. … We are boasting about the Lord today and so thankful that we could witnesses His move."


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