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-Ramadan: A Great Time to Pray for Muslims and Persecuted Christians

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From OneNewsNow:

Ramadan, a 30-day period of fasting and praying for Muslims currently under way, is the emphasis of a ministry effort asking for a focus on persecuted Christians.

Open Doors has launched a 30-day prayer focus for persecuted Christians living in Muslim-dominated countries. Spokesperson Michelle Miller says Muslims will be praying and fasting from sunup to sunset.

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Response: Open Doors is asking Christians to remember to pray for persecuted Christians living in Muslim dominated counties. However the article reminded me that this is also a great time to pray for Muslims.

It has been reported on a number of different occasions that more Muslims come to Christ during Ramadan than any other time –mostly through dreams and visions of Jesus during this time of repentance and fasting for Muslims across the world. Here’s several of our past articles on Ramadan and Muslim conversions:

-Ramadan: A good Time for Christians to Pray for Muslims

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-Ramadan: A good Time for Christians to Pray for Muslims

When Ramadan begins tomorrow (Wednesday August 11) many Christians will be praying for Muslims to find Christ.

It is becoming more and more common in the last several years to hear about Muslims seeing visions and dreams of Jesus and converting to Christianity during the 30 days of Ramadan.

Also it is a great time to remember Christians living under persecution in Muslim dominated countries. During Ramadan the Christians are subjected to even more pressure and persecution than at any other time during the year.

In fact Open Doors Ministries has developed the

30-day Ramadan Prayer Calendar.

Each day is specific to a country on the organization’s World Watch List—a ranking of 50 countries where the persecution of Christians is most severe.

Also, millions of Christians from around the world will be supporting a prayer campaign initially launched by YWAM:

30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World

Check out these sites and participate. You may not be able to go to the Middle East as a missionary but your prayers can get there and make a real difference.

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Ramadan: A Great Time to Pray for Muslims

In the last several years I have read many accounts of Jesus and angels appearing to many Muslims in dreams and visions especially during the month of Ramadan. This as a great time to pray for Muslims and for their salvation.

Open Doors USA has even put together a special prayer calendar to pray for a different Muslim nation each day. <<Here’s a link to their Ramadan Prayer calendar>>

Also a video interview of Carl Moeller of Open Doors from CBN:

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