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-Is it too Late to Pray for Another Great Awakening?


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This week Americans celebrate the 238 birthday of our country. It began with a document that declared that all human rights were derived from our Creator and not from human governments and kings.

If the Declaration of Independence was written today it might be declared as ‘unconstitutional’ for mentioning the Supreme Being. Meanwhile our current governmental system is defining ‘rights’ and revisions to the natural order of things that were never intended at the dawn of creation.

There are currently two major conflicting visions for the future of America. One would like to take this nation which has been ‘under God’ for hundreds of years and replace it with autocratic  secular rule which no longer officially recognizes God or allows his name and his Word to be spoken of in the public square.The other would like for God to continue to bless America and bring forth another great revival and awakening. Lately the secular vision seems to be winning.   

The American culture is changing so fast and it seems like what used to be considered as evil is constantly being referred to as moral in the dominant media and that which is based upon Biblical teaching is now being portrayed as bigoted, evil, and on ‘the wrong side of history.’

Among Christians, a week does not go by when I don’t hear someone say that it is too late for America that a line has been crossed that cannot be reversed. Is that the case? Should we just give up and stop praying for revival and another Great Awakening? I don’t think so. Meanwhile the whole world is in the midst of the greatest harvest there ever was with more people coming to Christ than ever before except in America and the West.

Here’s a quote from an article by Franklin Graham giving hope and encouraging Christians to continue to pray for another revival and Great Awakening:

While doomsday appears to be knocking at our door, let me take you back to the early 1800s. Many think of it as "the good old days," but history tells us that society, even then, was as bad as it could get at that time. John Marshall, chief justice of the United States Supreme Court, wrote to President James Madison and said, "The church is too far gone ever to be redeemed." When we examine why, we find that preachers had stopped preaching the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the people were not hearing God’s Word.

What changed? Christians began to diligently pray for revival—and the result was the Second Great Awakening. When people’s prayers stormed the heavens, and when the Bible was opened in the pulpits and the Word of God proclaimed by passionate preachers, the church was awakened from slumber by the Holy Spirit, who moved in hearts, spreading revival throughout the heartland of America.

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Also here’s an prophetic article which also finds hope in our history and calls forth and sees prayer warriors and intercessors rising up once more to take back America for God: “Prophetic Intercessors, Don’t Give Up on the Great Awakening!

In our area here in South OC California we see Christians rising up in prayer as never before. Pastors of all denominations who just a few short years ago seem to be competing for members are now gathering together supporting each other in prayer for our area, our churches, our economy, and our government. Last year our head pastor Mike Hudgins at VCC Laguna Niguel had a vision of 100 men meeting once a month to pray for our families, our area, and our country. Last month nearly 90 showed up and there is a real hope that the vision will soon be realized.

God has not given up on us yet and His Spirit is calling forth intercessors and prayer warriors to rise up all over America. May God continue to bless America.            *Top

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-Bonnke: “American Shall Be Saved”

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Richard Bonnke has been known best for his major evangelistic campaigns in Africa for the last 30 years or so. Now he is turning his efforts toward the USA with a new campaign called “American Shall be Saved” beginning in July:

Bonnke’s next stop is Miami, where he will preach to a crowd at the American Airlines arena on July 18-19. Over 200 churches across racial, denominational, cultural and even linguistic barriers have joined forces to help Bonnke witness Jesus to South Florida.

Here’s what He has to say about the new effort:

"I am scanning the skies for men and women who pray and weep for the salvation of America. As Bill Bright used to say, ‘Let’s leave our logos and egos.’ Let’s rally at the foot of the cross of Calvary and preach the Gospel of salvation to the nation," Bonnke says. "The Holy Spirit will cooperate. God is pouring out His Spirit with glorious indifference to our differences! He said, ‘I will pour out of my Spirit on all flesh.’ And it seems to me He pours Himself into the mold of any vessel."

Response: A few years ago many of us were expecting revival and a new awakening to break out across all of North America. Instead we ended up with the big push for gay and LGBT rights including same-sex marriage which is beginning to trump religious liberty in the courts and culture all across America. Increasingly we are being told that religious freedom is now only Constitutionally assured within the four walls of an official place of worship.

Now Christians who believe in the authority of the Bible are increasingly being cast and misrepresented as ‘bigots,’ ‘haters’, and irrelevant folks who are on the ‘wrong side of history.’ At least that is what is happening in the dominant American culture on the West Coast where I live and in New England and within the main stream American media.

This turnaround has happened in a very short time. In 2009 at the inauguration of President Barack Obama evangelical pastors participated in giving the prayers but by 2013 we saw a pastor who had been invited to give a prayer hounded until he resigned over preaching a Biblical lesson which included homosexuality 18 years ago. Now conservative Christian business owners who do not want to participate in same-sex ceremonies are being sued and forced to either provide their services or be fined. Times are changing in America so much so that if the trend continues Bible believing will soon be considered ‘immoral’ by folks in the dominant American culture.

Point is, it really is time for Revival and for Bible believing Christian to stand up for their faith and refuse to go quietly into the night. One way is to join in campaigns like what Bonnke is initiating and particularly join him in prayer to change America for the better before it is too late.

We are in the middle of a battle and most American Christians don’t even realize it and yet the Gospel is going forth among the nations at an unprecedented pace and millions are coming to Christ every year. Also millions of Christians are being persecuted and killed for their faith and we are actually in the midst of a new age of martyrs though it is being ignored by most American Christians.

I do not believe that God is through with America but it is rapidly becoming a mission field which may see African pastors and Asian evangelists from China and Korea soon helping in a new push to save Americans. I believe that Bonnk’e effort is just the beginning.  May God really bless America once more.          *Top

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-Is Churchianity Getting in the Way of Revival?

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Is Churchianity getting in the way of revival? I believe that it is.

We all have pre-conceived ideas about how God can move among us and bring revival. For most Christians it is confined to the 4 walls of a church building or maybe a special tent or conference. Even when we go to the streets we take our Christian culture, language, and music with us.

But what if God really wanted to do something different in our midst?

Well we have a myriad of ‘heresy hunters’ to take care of that unfortunate turn of events. After all, we might want revival but most American Evangelicals expect it to come during a 20 minute sermon surrounded  by 3 hymns and a couple of prayers with an offering in the middle. Plus it better be over in exactly on the hour cause the next service starts when the big hand strikes 12.

Of course I am being ridiculous but mix in your own form of worship and church structure or denominational traditions and see where God is really allowed to move.

What if he wants to move downtown on main street or in the neighborhoods, or maybe at your work or business? what would that look like?

Here’s a good article on this issue by Nicki Pfeifer: The Next Move of God

She writes about how God was moving unseen in the Greek and Roman culture of the 1st century and how Apostles like Paul responded to what they found and how a real move of God followed.            *Top

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-A Call of Revival from the Past


"In these days of difficulty, we Americans everywhere must and shall choose the path of social justice, the path of faith, the path of hope and the path of love toward our fellow men."  FDR- Detroit, Michigan, October 2, 1932

Two weeks ago we were in Washington DC. While there we visited many of the more famous monuments. I could not believe how many ‘God’ references there are in DC Chiseled in stone and there for all to see the great religious heritage of our past.

While on the way to the Jefferson monument we walked through the huge FDR monument and were immediately taken back in time when America was far more ‘religious’ than today even in the midst of a depression and a war that was even more severe than what we are facing today.

I never considered FDR to be a very religious president until I read one quote after another calling Americans back to faith and hope in God in the midst of the incredible trouble faced by that generation economically and death and destruction of World War II. Not only that, but repeatedly calling Americans to join together in prayer. The ACLU would have fits with any president that made some of these statements today. But there they are, some of them chiseled in stone including the quote above.

When I read the quote above, the Holy Spirit immediately spoke to me and said that this statement contained the call of revival to America today. It is a Call of Faith and Hope in God, plus Love and Social Justice toward all humanity. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, but completely built upon the foundation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and anchored in the Love of The Father.            *Top

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-What is it About the Marketplace?

Charles Grandison Finney

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What is it about the marketplace that makes it an important venue for Revival? What is the marketplace anyway. Really the word in the context I am using it involves where we spend the majority of our waking hours. Our occupations, jobs, schools, businesses, markets, and shopping malls.

American Christians have looked for revival in all of the wrong places. Churches, conferences, special tent meetings and etc. The church bound forms of revival are really church renewals- They are wonderful, I love them, and they are life changing and ‘body of Christ’ renewing. However they seldom if ever touch culture and the greater society as a whole. Nothing like the ‘Great Awakenings’ in the past. We really need to look for something greater and expect to be surprised.

It is time for a revival in America to touch the very culture and places where we spend our days. What if the Holy Spirit descended at the office where you work – would it make a difference. What if people found themselves on their knees praying (unplanned) in a mall and everyone passing by was also touched and joined them –even those who don’t know what is happening to them and have never really prayed before? What would you call that?

It has happened before in America in the 19th century when Finney went into the factories and businesses of NY City and 500,000 inexplicably came to Christ. It is said that as Charles Finney merely walked through businesses hardened workers fell on their knees and responded to the Holy Spirit flooding the whole place. The whole culture of NY City was changed.

We are now in the midst of a recession that is touching every business in America. I read yesterday that unemployment is now at 10.3% but that doesn’t include the other 9-10% that didn’t get a job in a year so they statistically dropped them from the rolls. The unemployment figures in the USA are really closer to 20% if not over.

A lot of the prophetic folks I know and listen to are saying that it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better? Meanwhile the media and the politicians keep trying to put a good face on the economic and political mess we find ourselves in since they really don’t have a handle on it and don’t want to do the hard stuff that it will take to get us out of it.

The problems we face economically are in the marketplace but what if revival came to the marketplaces in America would it make a difference? Would it change America for the better? I believe that the answers are obvious. Americans spend most of their lives at work and in the marketplaces and if God is really going to bring a Revival today in America that is where it has to go.

Come Holy Spirit.

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