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-Washington DC: Kick Starting Revival?

U.S. Capitol Building at Night

          (U.S. Capitol Building: Kevin Burkett)

Thousands of folks in Washington DC have reportedly been saved this month during a three week ‘spiritual assault’ on the American capitol called- "Celebrate America."  Here’s the story from CharismaMag.com:

"And we’ve seen over 23,000 people pray the prayer of salvation," Gonyon said of Celebrate America’s overall evangelism efforts.

But these three weeks of street evangelism and nightly meetings are just meant to be a spark. Gonyon emphasized that getting those hundreds of Christians out into the streets of D.C. to witness has been the most crucial part.

"Once somebody wins souls—because most don’t—their heart is broken for the lost," Gonyon explained. "So when Celebrate America is over, this isn’t about, ‘Oh, that crusade is over.’ They’ll continue to win souls in their sphere of influence."

The organizers of "Celebrate America" hope that steam rolls into a move of God nationwide.

"We’re believing God for another great spiritual awakening in America," Gonyon stated. "We’re believing that the church will wake up and fulfill the Great Commission."

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Response: Hopefully that spark will lead to a raging fire all across America. So many disappointing policies and decisions have come out of Washington lately that it is great to see something edifying and down right encouraging coming out of there instead.  Praise God!           *Top

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-Revival is In the Marketplace?

The City Center Mall

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In the first century at the founding of the church the marketplace was a major point of growth for the church. This came before all of the permanent churches and ecclesiastical structures that would characterize the church 3 or 4 centuries later and beyond.

So much of what went on in the first century church actually happened in the street. The Holy Spirit fell upon 120 folks in the upper room on Pentecost but it wasn’t until they got down into the street below with everyone else that over 3,000 came to Christ that day—the first Christian revival.

In the past 100 years or so we have come to view ‘revival’ as something that happens in a church. Sometimes that has been the case in the past when the culture was such that the majority of everyone in a town would be together in a church on Sunday morning then the spirit would fall and change the entire community. I’m thinking of the Welsh revival or the Great Awakening in America. Those revivals emanated from the church.

However, there have been other revivals like Wesley’s that weren’t allowed in the church as such but happened outside the ordinary ecclesiastical structures and buildings.  Some like Finney’s New York City revival actually took place in the factories and marketplace.

What about today? If the Holy Spirit fell in one of Europe’s great cathedrals today on any given Sunday only a couple of dozen seniors would be touched.

Today if God really wanted to reach out to a whole city or community on any given Sunday he would probably have to visit a football game or mall? Then there are the Chinese Christians who continue to show us how a revival can touch 100 million or so one at a time in a house church and marketplace movement.

What is destined for America? I believe that the revival we are about to embark upon involves the home and the marketplace in a major way like no other revival movement before. More later.             *Top

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-Taking to the Streets


Servant’s Heart an Assemblies of God mission in Louisville, Ky., doesn’t hold a traditional Sunday service but takes their ministry to the streets instead.

Ministry teams regularly witness and pray for folks during prayer walks and visit stores sharing scriptures with customers on Sundays along with holding home Bible studies, clothing and food giveaways, and sponsoring free medical clinics.

Jared Miller, the 24-year-old leader estimates that over 100 people that they have prayed for have been blessed with healing over the last several years:

“…nothing matches God healing people and bringing the book of Acts to life.

"I had never experienced spontaneous prayer and repentance before," he said of one impromptu prayer circle last year that exceeded his expectations. "I was catching a glimpse of what revival will be like. For people in our neighborhood, we believe that stronger than Sunday morning worship time is a seven-day-a-week connection to the family of God."

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Response: The beauty of this ministry is that it can be done anywhere. Major components can be done by regular Sunday going churches. The church I attend sends out teams into the area malls and Wal-Marts all of the time to great affect. We also have a food and clothing warehouse for the poor that reaches out and touches thousands of people.

I am convinced that we are in the midst of a revival in America and the only thing that Christians and churches need to do to participate in it is take to the streets and follow the heart of the Father. Take Jesus into the stores, markets, workplaces, schools, and neighborhoods. Pray for everyone you come across who needs prayer and healings will follow.

If you want revival that is where you will find it.            *Top

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