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Holy Spirit Activism

-Micael Grenholm: Prayer and action for signs and wonders combined with peace and justice.


Wild Goose Chase

 -Joshua S. Hopping:  Many years ago the Creator of Heaven and Earth told me to follow the Wild Goose (aka The Holy Spirit) no matter where He took me. In the mist of the journey I started this blog to record the things He taught me along that Ancient Path. As on any journey, there are things planned and unplanned.  The posts on this blog reflect this truth – as there are planned items (Book Reviews, Theological Thoughts, Backpacking Adventures, etc) and there are unplanned items (Home Repairs, Current Events, etc).Lord willing you will enjoy reading these posts as much as I enjoy writing them.  =)


Freedom Log

Ontario Regional Thoughtworks Blog

-Frank Emanuel: “I am a professional (political) theologian as well as a Vineyard pastor (Freedom Vineyard, Ottawa, ON, Canada)”


Taking the Yoke: Students of Jesus

-Ray Hollenbach: “Jesus offers rest and peace to those who will take his yoke upon them”


The Journeyman’s Files

-Barry Simmons: “Notes and observations from one average guy’s journey of life, faith and thought”- by an “Amateur theologian, Bible student, thinker, reader and observer of culture, church and society.”


Blogging Ministry

Michael G. Davis: “The Hows and Whys of Using a Blog for Ministry and how to get started”


Breathing Room

Jesse Wilson: “the space we need to experience the breath of a God as near to us as our next breath. The weblog of a Vineyard pastor’s thoughts, activities, observations, encounters.”



~ emerging thought in Montana ~

iggy: “It is about exploring faith in a postmodern world”



-Andrew Stewart-Darling: “A church pastor’s desire to give a space to reflect, contemplate, be informed and share life stuff.”


Donnell (Twitter)

-Donnell Wyche: “an inspired voice of intelligent conservative reason in a messed-up liberal world”



Rick Ianniello

Rick Ianniello: “you get what you pay for”


VCC Testimonies

Testimony blog: @ Vineyard Community Church, Laguna Niguel, California, USA.: Contains testimonies and praise reports of conversions, blessings, healing, and miracles.



Steven Hamilton: “what is this blog about? it’s about the mystery that we are God’s poem. in Ephesians chapter 2, a gifted messenger of the good news writes that, ‘…we are His masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.’ the word ‘masterpiece’ in the Greek is ‘poema’. thus, we are God’s poem, thus we are His verve and verse…”


Answers For The Faith

-Michael G. Davis: “Religion and Culture //Clash//News Commentator Blog- writing about the clash of Religion and Culture in today’s news”

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Answers Bible Study: Gospel of Mark (completed), Now exploring: Book of Joel

Answers Bible Q & A: Send in Bible Questions and you might even receive some kind of an answer.

Answers Book Reviews: Reviews of the books I’ve read and links to other book review sites.

Answers Movies & TV Commentary: Links to Christian reviews and commentary on the movies I’ve seen.

Answers Prayer Line: Send in prayer requests and pray for those listed. Also, Links to Devotionals and other prayer line sites.


-Michael G. Davis: “Exploring current issues, looking at other religions, and defending the Christian faith”

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Michael G. Davis: “Searching and writing about Revival and ‘everything Vineyard’

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