-Wikipedia and Other Research on The Vineyard

1. Here is a link to the Wikipedia article on the Vineyard Movement.

2. A link to the Answers.com article on the Vineyard.

3. Vineyard Apologetics -links to articles and papers supporting the Vineyard Movement.

4. Articles and Research Papers:

a. The Association of Religion Data Archives

b. Saints and Seekers: Sources of Recruitment to the Vineyard Christian Fellowship

c. Routinizing Charisma: The Vineyard Christian Fellowship in the Post-Wimber Era

d. Strictly Speaking…: Kelley’s Quandary and the Vineyard Christian Fellowship
e. Library Research

f. Satisfied Customers: Miracles at the Vineyard Christian Fellowship

g. A History of the Revival 1992-1995: The Vineyard Churches

h. Christianity Mag. Article: Refreshing Now!

i. Christianity Today Article: Vineyard Severs Ties with ‘Toronto Blessing’ Church

j. Gamaliel’s Admonition and the Toronto Blessing: A Theo-Sociological Report

k. A Lutheran Paper on the Vineyard

l. -Articles by Gary E. Gilley -A negative cessationist view of the Vineyard

Other Sources:

5. Regent University Library: John Wimber Collection

6. The Encyclopedia of Evangelicalism: The Vineyard Christian Fellowship

7. Global Oneness Website Articles: Vineyard Movement

8. Research Bibliography: A comprehensive list of books, articles, and web links on the Vineyard Movement

9. Apologetics Index – (a somewhat negative review of the Vineyard)

10. -BibleGateway: All 108 references to the ‘vineyard’ in the Bible.

11. -Dictionary Definition: ‘vineyard’

12. -Lycos Search -‘vineyard’

13. -Theopedia Article- Vineyard Movement