Over 80 Testimonies From Youth Who Attended ‘Jesus Culture 2006’

Almost hate to see July go, it is like we have been lifted to another level! July started with a Youth conference-‘Jesus Culture, Southern California 2006’, hosted at my home church, VCC Laguna Niguel. Bill Johnson and a team from Redding led the conference. Todd Bentley was scheduled to come also, but ran into transportation problems. Most importantly, the Holy Spirit did come and blast the kids and everyone there. During the conference, they sent out the youth in teams to minister in the area. They went to places like WalMart, Target, shopping malls, High Schools, and beaches. If you want to be uplifted and blasted also, read some of the testimonies of what happened! …Many healings, many brought to Christ, many words of knowledge, many kids on fire for the Kingdom…

Since then, we sent out a team to minister with Randy Clark at a conference in Brazil, and right now there is another team of youth ministering for several weeks in Mozambique with Rolland and Heidi Baker. Can’t wait to hear their reports.


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