A Different Vision Of September 11, 2001:
“The Face of Jesus”

Last week I saw the movie- “World Trade Center” and it reminded me again, of the events of 9/11/01. Particularly, it reminded me of several visions that I had at the time and had shared only with my pastor and a close minister/friend in Salem, Oregon by email-I found it in my old archives. When I wrote down what I saw at the time, it came out in some kind of prose, not at all typical of my usual writing. The first vision came on Friday, as I was driving down the freeway listening to the 9/11 memorial service at National Cathedral. The other visions came on the following Sunday during worship:


Friday, I Saw the face of Jesus,

While I was listening to the special service at National Cathedral;
and tears were flowing down his cheeks.

Sunday, I saw the face of Jesus,

While I was worshipping at church; and tears were flowing down his cheeks, while thousands were filing past him in sorrow–those who died in the acts of terror–
and they did not recognize him.

Then I saw the terrorists, they were celebrating while they walked together, until they saw Jesus, then there was terror in the eyes of the terrorists–they fell on their knees–some on their faces, raising their arms and pleading.

Then I saw the face of Jesus, and he was shaking his head in disappointment,
and they were gone.

Later during the service, I saw the face of Jesus again, and he was smiling–as hundreds of people came before him–men, women, and children–and he hugged them, and he kissed them, and welcomed them. They were celebrating,

Then I saw the Face of Jesus once more,
and he was laughing and celebrating with them.


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