After 41 Years The ‘Old Man’ is still there!

References: Col. 3:5-10, Eph. 4:22, Rom. 6:6, 7:15

After 41 years as a Christian, the ‘old man’ or ‘old self’ is still with me and the battle rages on. I read Colossians 3:8 and anger flies off the page and hits me between the eyes. I think about the times this week, last week, and the week before when I flew off the handle and over reacted to some minor irritant. Cut off in traffic, couldn’t find my cell phone, a fellow worker making my job more difficult and etc. Anger didn’t use to be a problem for me, but now it certainly is.

Lord, give me strength to overcome the anger that rises up in me daily, Father help me dial it down and conform to the image of your Son. Thank you Lord for your grace and forgiveness, and thank you for your Holy Spirit which helps me and encourages me in the process. Amen


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