It Is the Heart of The Father To Bless His Church—Satan Has Other Plans!

I recently read three prophetic words that started me thinking, and praying. The first one was in Charisma Magazine (Oct. 2006) by James Robison: Humility…or Humiliation? He brings a warning to America and the church which may be summarized:

“We have a choice. God is calling the American church to repentance and… brokeness. … All that can be shaken will be shaken to its foundation. … I am convinced that brokeness will come to the church and to America. The choice is ours: humility or humiliation!”

The second was a document sent to me from Jim Goll -a prophetic perspective on the coming year (2007).

The third message was sent to me from Charisma Online, October 17, 2006 -a prophetic message recently given by Matt Sorger:

“I believe for many in the Body of Christ they are entering into a new season in their lives where God is calling them to leave the old behind and step into the new. Things of the past that have hindered and impeded our forward motion must be left behind if we are to move upward in God’s purpose and call. It truly is a time where God is stripping and removing everything that would hinder our race in Him. As we transition into the new we must understand what He is doing and what things He is requiring of us to leave behind. This transition will be different for each one of us depending on God’s unique plan and destiny for our lives. We must have an ear to hear Him in this season.

God is breaking out of the box. We must be very careful in this next season not to pattern ourselves after models of the past, even good models. We must not carbon copy ourselves after patterns of ministry that worked in the last season. God is doing a new thing. To move into the new wineskin we must remain very pliable and sensitive to what God is doing and how He is moving. This will require a keen sensitivity to His voice and a boldness not to blend in and go with the flow. It will require a heart of total obedience and death to self.


The message given by Jim Goll and Matt Sorger are very similar and the target is the church as a whole. It is similar to lots of words recently given by many different prophetic folk to the church -that a new season is dawning and that it is a time for ‘crossing over’ into a new situation. The theme of James Robison’s message seems to be quite different, and yet it seems to fall in line with many words recently given; that the Holy Spirit was leading the ‘American’ church to a new season of ‘holiness’, repentance, and forgiveness. A season of ‘going deeper’.

After thinking and praying about these messages, I believe that it is the heart of the Father to bless his church. In regard to the American church, I believe that the Father wants to turn the page and bring a new season, a new season of holiness and revival. A season of uncommon signs, wonders, and healing. The Father would like to transfer wealth to the American church, in order for his church to give more to the poor, the sick, and the victims of war and weather. To support and fund world missions to every nation, and bring major revival to the whole world. The Father is calling us to respond in a more complete way to his Holy Spirit.

However, we have an enemy, and our adversary continues to accuse us before God our Father. He wants God to judge America and he is presenting all sort of evidence and reasons. Pride, independence- doing our own thing, self-sufficiency, not sharing enough with the poor around the world, and abortion are his major indictments against us. Like Balaam, Satan and his hordes are working overtime to help bring judgment upon America and the American church. He would like to see more ‘9-11’s’ and more ‘Katrina’s’ brought against American cities.

It’s time to pray for grace and mercy. Let’s cross over, turn the page, become the people and church he is calling us to be, and accept the blessings of our Father. Amen.


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