Greater Intimacy with God

I received the following message yesterday (11/28) from “Streams of Revival”-Charisma Online. It was meaningful and hopeful to me so I pass it on with the hope that some of you might find it helpingful and encouraging also. Nevertheless, this is right where I am at right now, seeking and acknowledging that I need more intimacy with God the Father:

“Get ready for a breakthrough unlike any you’ve had in the past. You may have had a breakthrough in your finances or in other areas of your life, but this is a breakthrough into intimacy. That’s right, the King Himself has invited you into His chambers to tell you the secrets of His heart. The Lord is about to woo you into deeper levels of love, revelation and passion. You’re breaking through a barrier of flesh and entering a new season of relationship with the Lover of your soul. You may have distanced yourself from Him because of fear or doubt about where you stand in your relationship with Him. Today the Lord says, ‘Let My perfect love cast away all your fears.’ Drop any preconceived notions you may have in your arms now and prepare for a full embrace with the King.”

From: Patricia King, founder of Christian Services Association and its media arm, Extreme Prophetic, sharing an encouraging word about God’s desire to draw His people into greater intimacy with himself. To move into a place of deeper intimacy, you must relinguish your fears and preconceived ideas about what that entails. When you do this, you can expect God to “draw near to you,” as the Scriptures promise (James 4:8, NKJV).


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