Going Through Interneting Withdrawal Blues

All three computers in our household have been down since Jan. 3. I barely got this one working and can’t resist posting even if the program is working slower than molasses. Both laptops are going in for repairs and this old desktop has a messed up operating system.

It was slow when it was working right, but now you have to literally wait a minute or two for anything to happen, and then anything unfortunately can happen, and most of it not good.

Relief is insight however; my computer expert son (BS Computer Science) is going to install our new desktop tomorrow afternoon. After that I’ll have to share the one computer with my wife until I get my laptop back. Oh well! Never thought that this old ‘technophobe’ would ever miss having my own computer. One good thing, I have caught up on my reading. Praise God, it has been all for the best anyway. Though I sure have missed reading some of my favorite blogs.

**Update 1/14: We got our new desktop installed and boy it is sure fast and sleek. However, I’m going to be reduced to being a ‘week-end warrior’ until I get my laptop back, since I’m going to be out of town on business during the the next couple of weeks. Oh well!


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