The Cry of The Lord’s Heart

A great message for Valentine’s Day- Remember our first love and how we all loved the Lord in the beginning of our journey with him. Received from Streams of Revival @ Charisma+Online:

Jill Austin,founder of Master Potter Ministries, exhorts believers not to become stagnant in their walk with Christ. She reminds us that God is constantly calling us closer to Himself and that we must pursue Him with fervor.

I feel the Lord is constantly saying, “I want you to want Me more. I want you to be more hungry for Me.” –To read the whole message click here–>

I feel the Lord is crying out for us to be more hungry for Him. It’s so easy to get into programs and meetings. Even during the time of Moses, it was very easy for them to fall into a form of religion without having a hunger and a fire for the presence of the living God.

There is a cry in each one of us to not be an empty shell. We so need His fire in the depths of who we are! We need our bones to burn because we love Him so much. We need our blood to boil, so to speak. We need a divine hunger put into the depths of who we are. We need the Lord to grab hold of us and shake off apathy and complacency until there is a fresh love for Jesus Christ our Lord.

We can never hear enough about returning to our first love. We can never hear the voice of the Bridegroom and the reminder that He is coming enough. Do you remember when you first met Him? Do you remember the passion you had? Do you remember when He would barely whisper and you quickly responded? Will you let Him ignite a burning passion of first love in the depths of your heart once again?

Is there a void and emptiness in you, even though you know how to pray for people, even though you move in leadership and know how to train and equip people? Will you come back to Him, to your first love? Is the fire inside of you like the Shekinah glory of the living God? Is there a resurrection anointing and the fire of Jesus touching you?

I feel the Lord is constantly saying, “I want you to want Me more. I want you to be more hungry for Me. As soon as you start feeling that you have arrived, you start to lose your cutting edge. We somehow begin to be satisfied with the shallow end and there are no longer those deep cries and remembrances of when the gold came, when the Shekinah glory and heavy weight was in our meetings. We forget about the healed minds and healed bodies. Lord, help us not to forget Your presence!

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