Some Christian Ministries Outsource Prayer Lines to India?

*Update 3/23/07: This is a Hoax/satire

Some Christians have called ministry prayer lines and discovered that the one praying and agreeing with them was not even a Christian. Some Christian TV ministries have outsourced their prayer lines to India. One woman reported that the prayer host assured her that “all the gods would bless her mightily.”

The ministries involved claimed that their prayer lines were overwhelmed with calls and that they had difficulties in hiring Americans to man the phones:
There aren’t enough Americans willing to sit in the prayer tower and take calls anymore,” says one prayer coordinator at a major ministry.

One of the Indian prayer hosts says that he learned to pray ‘Christian prayers’ by watching Kenneth Copeland on TV:

All the TV preachers pray good, but Copeland prays the best,”

The Indian prayer center workers say that they are really happy to get work as a prayer host. Most have had jobs as customer service reps. and they say the people that call the prayer lines are a lot nicer.

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Comments: I really don’t know what to say. I didn’t believe it when I first heard about it. Heard it first on a radio news cast. It would sure be interesting to know which American ministries are involved. What can one say about so-called ‘Christian ministries’ who direct people who call in for prayer ministry to be supported by non-Christians?

One good side effect, some of those designated ‘prayer warriors’ could well end up being converted. After all, they are unwittingly playing with ‘fire’ and they may end up getting burned by the Holy Spirit. LOL. At least that is what I am praying for.

***Update 3/23/07- The whole thing is a hoax, Lark News is actually a satire/joke site. I was taken in because I heard it first on a radio newscast. Sorry, but I am glad that it is not true.


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