What about Loving Muslim Neighbors as Our Selves?

As far as I can tell, there are at least two Muslim families living in my neighborhood. I once even had a pleasant conversation with one neighbor who was obviously a Near Easterner from 3 doors down. This of course is exceptional in South OC California where one seldom even converses with the neighbors next door.

In my business, I have a number of clients who are Muslim and have developed a close working relationship with several extended families who are all customers. On any given trip to the mall on a Saturday in OC you will see at least a couple of fully covered women. Muslims are becoming common in Southern California but I doubt that I will ever get use to it or even like it. The struggle for me is to love and be considerate to Muslims even though I despise their religion.
I found the following quote in an article online: “Love Your Muslim as Yourself from Christianity Today:

…anecdotal evidence suggests that evangelicals hold as many stereotypes and misunderstandings about Muslims as does our broader culture. We need to use Sunday school classes and sermons to communicate more about who Muslims really are and how we can love them as ourselves.

As long as our ignorance persists, we hamper our ability to love our Muslim neighbors here in the States, …

I am not sure that I agree with the writer that somehow we should learn to love Muslims better by studying their religion and using precious Sunday school and sermon time to do it. If we really love the Muslim people, we will learn more about their culture and religion in order to reach out and bring them to Christ.

At least twice a month I pass a mosque in San Diego’s Clairemont area with a spire that rises above the cross on the Lutheran Church next door. This was a mosque that a couple of the 9/11 hijackers use to pray in. Every time I see it I cry to the Lord:

Bring down the walls of Islam Lord, Bring down the walls of Islam. Lead them out of captivity Lord, lead them out of captivity, and bring them to your Son Jesus, let them come in Jesus name, Amen.


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