“Preparing for the Next Great Awakening”

Here’s a great article by J. Lee Grady: “Preparing for the Next Great Awakening” -See: Archives 4-27-04, from Charisma +OnlineMagazine.

Mr. Grady attended the Assembly 2007 event in Virginia Beach yesterday and writes about a discussion among a diverse group of leaders looking for revival in America. He came away from the meeting with a list of ten things to look for in a 21st century revival:

1. The next revival will surprise us.

2. It will be controversial.

3. It will be gloriously messy.

4. The next revival will not be white.

5. It will be accompanied by astounding miracles.

6. The next revival will involve empowered women.

7. Old church programs, patterns and facilities will become obsolete.

8. Technology will play a big role.

9. Revival will shift us into humility and brokenness.

10. As in previous revivals, this one will come with great conviction.

It is well worth reading all of the comments that follow each point. I can tell you that these ten did not come from regular ‘brainstorming’ but were the product of prophetic insight for sure.

No doubt that the next ‘awakening’ in America will surprise us all. Even those of us looking and hoping for God to visit this land. Will it be more surprising than what happened recently at the Crystal Cathedral? I’m sure it will, that is just the beginning.

Do you know that some were offended by that event and have tried to discount it and call it fake? I am praying that I will not end up like the older brother in the ‘Prodigal Son’ and refuse to join the party. I believe that we should all pray that we don’t end up being ‘older brothers’ or ‘Martha’s’ and miss out when God visits America in a fresh new way. Â Â Â Â Â Â *Top

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