4000 Rededicate This Nation Under God

400 years ago English settlers landed on Virginia Beach and planted a cross, dedicating their new land to God. That was the beginning of the Jamestown settlement but also the beginning of this Nation under God (USA).

4000 Christians gathered Sunday (4/29) on the same beach marking the anniversary of the original event and placed hundreds of crosses in the sand rededicating this nation to God and his Son Jesus Christ. There was a 5 hour worship service including statements of repentance and numerous prayers for renewal and revival for America.

Dr. Charles Crabtree (AG Assist. Gen. Superintendent) remarked:

“We’re praying that this will be a trigger, there are turning points throughout all history. The upper room was a turning point for the early church and the reformation was a turning point. There have to be times in history when God’s people call on His name and humble themselves and pray and turn and repent [before] God hears and answers that prayer.”

We certainly hope so Dr. Crabtree.

Bishop Harry Jackson challenged his fellow Christians on this occasion:

“We, as Christians, are the leaven that leavens the whole lump, as Jesus taught – meaning that our influence as salt and light will either preserve the nation or allow the nation to decay”

In his remarks Dr. Jackson indicated that renewal begins with the church, and then pointed out the early church in the book of Acts was:

“so much on fire that they were contagious in the culture, that’s really what rededication of the nation has to mean for us as a Church – a renewal of that kind of vibrancy.”

Comments: Is it just me or is the whole church beginning to sense a need for renewal and revival in this land. I certainly hope so. Events like this go way beyond the symbolism and press that is typical of historical celebrations.

Last year thousands gathered in Los Angeles to commemorate the Azusa Street revival. This week a rededication of America on Sunday and on Thursday, The National Day of Prayer. Come Holy Spirit and bless this land in a new way and bring a fresh awakening to America. In Jesus name Amen. *Top

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