The Church Turns to Madison Avenue?

The Assemblies of God launched a new advertising campaign on Tuesday (May 29, 2007). They plan on using TV, billboards, and radio to reach out to the unchurched with the message: “Nothing’s too hard for God“. According to Assemblies of God News Service, project director Rick Griepp:

“This media plan is so much more than advertising, [I]t’s a platform for the local church to share the gospel and get their message out.

“Just imagine the impact of telling all the people in your community that nothing’s too hard for God, and letting them see what God has done and is doing in the lives of others who call on Him. It opens the door to those who are searching for answers.”

They plan on sharing testimonies of believers about the life-changing power of God in their lives as part of a message designed to be an outreach to the community.


I have a great deal of respect for the AG denomination having attended one of their churches at a crucial time in my life. I know that their leaders pray over all the decisions that they make. If you read the whole story, there are some excellent themes that they are planning to present as part of the campaign. It could really be successful in reaching out to people and the Holy Spirit might even bless the whole thing.

However, the whole idea bothers me. Maybe I am wrong, but does the American church really need another slick media production? Are we selling corn flakes and soap? The unsaved already make fun of some of our TV productions. Like I say, maybe I am wrong. Does this bother anyone else out there? *Top

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