A Radical Revival Among The Young?

Here are two prophetical messages talking about a coming radical revival among the younger generation.

The first I received from Charisma Mag: Streams of Revival @ June 5, 2007, given by Patricia King:

The Power of Purity

“I see a fire of purity coming upon the younger generation. The Lord is offering an invitation to enter into a revivalist anointing especially for the younger generation. It’s a holiness revival.
It’s just like the Salvation Army on the streets of England back in the revival days calling down the fire of heaven. It’s like Josiah bringing back righteous reforms even on government levels. And this anointing is coming on the younger generation.
There’s something enormous that is going to come upon this younger generation; and it is going to carry a torch to bring holiness and purity back into the earth.

The second comes from Identity Network, by Matt Sorger: “This is the Revival Generation”


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