Preparing for Revival: Getting Back to The Basics

I received an article last friday (6/1/07) from Charisma +online, and meant to put a link to it sooner, by J. Lee Grady: “Preparing for a Spiritual Hurricane“. It is quite good and right in line with what we have been talking about lately. To read the whole thing, Go to Fire in My Bones and click down on the archives at the top.

At the end of the article, Grady stresses the importance of getting ‘back to the basics’ in preparation for revival:

When God visits us to bring His winds of revival, those winds will also destroy man-made religious structures. It’s time for all of us to find shelter. Here’s how I believe we must prepare:

1. Reinforce our foundations. I fear that some of us have veered from the basics of faith to follow the latest spiritual fads. We charismatics tend to chase after anything trendy. In some churches today people are delving into exotic teachings and coining new terms including ‘spiritual fathering,’ ‘apostolic alignment,’ ‘armor bearers’ and ‘heave offerings.’ Any new believer who wanders into our meetings will need a translator to understand this spooky vocabulary.

There’s a place for such things (and a biblical basis for some of them) yet it’s possible that the trendy can overshadow the important. If the devil cannot deceive us outright, he will tempt us to get out of balance so that we lose our primary passion for Jesus. Let’s keep the main thing the main thing.

2. Get rid of the junk. The smelly garbage in the church today is going to fly when the winds of God hit us broadside. We must remember that revival is not just about the impact of church growth and new converts; it is also about gut-wrenching repentance and judgment. You can’t have Acts 2 without Acts 5. The exciting fire of Pentecost is also the fearful fire of holiness.

An alarm has sounded. Those in ministry who have not heeded the warning have little time left. I am pleading with you: Get your house in order. Destroy your materialistic idols. Stop all sexual compromise. Stop defrauding people and misusing God’s money.

3. Hide in God. I love the new worship bands on the scene today, but recently I’ve been having some unusual times of intimacy with God while singing from an old Baptist hymnal I owned as a child. Today when I open that book and begin to sing the words to “Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross,” “esus Paid It All” or “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus,” I get choked up and can’t finish.

I can’t explain my reaction, but it’s not due to religious nostalgia. I suspect my heart is aching for something of substance in an age of cheap imitations. Those lyrics, although they are old-fashioned, are still charged with power because they anchor us to the bedrock of simple devotion to Christ. As this storm approaches, I plan to cling to what matters most.

This is really good counsel. Also in my last article Decker Mclaster left a very important comment that I believe should be part of a ‘getting back to basics’ response to preparing for revival:

“A constant expectation of a future event often robs one of the opportunities presented in the present. … Live life as if there were no tomorrow. Seize the day – rest in Him – do what you see the Father doing!”

We should always remember to live in the moment and respond to what God is doing right now, even as we look forward and prepare for a coming revival.’ *Top

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