Pray Against Terrorism and For Conversion

On Tuesday I received the current Streams of Revival article (June 12, 2007) from Charisma +online, a prophetic message by Cindy Jacobs:

Pray Against Islamic Extremism

During a 700 Club interview in 1996, I was asked the question, “Does God have a word for America?”

The prophecy I gave was quite shocking and totally out of the realm of belief at the time, but it does not seem so today. This was the word: ‘Unless the United States deals with the root problem of racism, Islam is going to radicalize and one day become Islamic extremism. The streets will run with the blood of the Christians and our children as the extremists massacre those who oppose them.”

Satan has begun to put a plan into place that will one day make the United States an Islamic nation with Shariah law. It is happening on different levels, and one that has gone largely unnoticed by some is the effect that the Nation of Islam and [Louis] Farrakhan’s movement has had on the African-American community.

I am calling for intercessors of the United States, North America and the world to pray as we have never prayed before against terrorism in our midst.

Please focus your prayer on the black universities of America (approximately 100) that were almost all founded by Bible-believing Christians. We must intercede for a great moving of the Holy Spirit on these campuses. Though I do not see evidence of Black Islam’s influence on some of the campuses, I believe the Holy Spirit has shown me that it is there.

The other area that needs our fervent intercession and evangelization is the prison system of America. We must cry out for justice for those who are unjustly imprisoned and intercede for those who are being influenced by Islam while in jail. Many are converted to Islam while they are in the penal system.

We Christians believe that all should come to the Lord, not by the sword but by their own free will. As a democracy, we allow freedom of religion in our midst, but not all believe that way. To think that Islam and Shariah law are not planned for us in the future by those who call America the ‘Great Satan” is simply naive.’

For the last six years I have felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to pray against Islam, Islamic extremists, and to pray for Muslims to come to Christ. In a vision the Lord had told me that the principality over Islam had exceeded his authority and later that Islam was reaching out to take Europe and even eventually the USA. It seemed incredible at the time but not so anymore.

There are several very good points in the message above that I believe should be taken seriously. *Top

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