7/7/07 A Good Time to Pray For Revival?

Lou Engle thinks so, according to the current (7/6/07) “Fire In My Bones” column by J Lee Grady: “Lou Engle’s Passion: Let Another Jesus Movement Begin on 07-07-07“.

Lou Engle is expecting as many as 100,000 youth to gather today for ‘TheCall’, a national prayer event to be held at Titans Stadium in Nashville, Tenn. The focus of the event will be to pray for a new sovereign move of God similar to the Jesus people move in 1967:

“We are calling you on 07-07-07–the number of covenant renewal, marriage and the fullness of time–for a day of national repentance, fasting and prayer for our 40-year generational rebellion. We are calling elders, pastors, mothers, fathers, college students, children, every race, every denomination and every age to come and divorce Baal, and remarry the Lord.”

“Now is time to reverse the curse and denounce the bondage of the sexual revolution, as we humble ourselves with mass repentance we will stand in the gap for our nation and shift its course from perversion to purity. The roar of the righteous will be heard again in our land.”


Come Holy Spirit and bring revival and cleanse our land once more, let a sovereign move begin, in Jesus name Amen.

Update: Check out the continuing conversation on this 7-7-7 conference on the Revival Blog.


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