What about Toronto and Brownsville?

What about Toronto and Brownsville? Were they moves of God or deceptions of the enemy? I would like to hear from some of you who actually experienced these moves and were touched by them in some way. I see so much negative junk on the internet.

John and Carol Arnott brought a team from Toronto to our congregation (Mission Viejo Vineyard) for a conference early in the move because he believed that our founding pastor Ed Piorek helped to kick off the beginning of the revival with a conference on ‘The Father’s Love’. 13 years later, I can still see the positive effects of that weekend on the lives of many that I know.

What did I personally get out of the Toronto move? Greater intimacy with God as a Father who really does love me and wants only the best. I knew all that theologically in my head, but it really makes a difference to really experience it and believe it. Also, even though I was getting on in years, the Lord was not done with me in spite of all the mistakes I had made in the past. He was specifically calling me to stick around as a ‘Caleb’ to help the next generation. To help rise up, train, and support a vast army of young people that are called to bring a major world harvest.

When I read about these moves on the internet, all I read about is all the negative junk that the enemy sowed. What the enemy did has overtaken and ended up characterizing these moves in the minds of so many who weren’t even there.

What about some of you who were there or were touched by these moves in some way? I want to hear from you. I would particularly like to hear from some of you who were touched by the Brownsville revival since I know so little about it.

Note: If all you have is negative comments don’t bother. Only positive testimonies will be allowed on the comment line of this post or comments from those who actually experienced these moves in some way.

**Update: Carl Thomas posted about his own Toronto experience on Revival Blog. *Top

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