AG Launches a Revolutionary Program to Plant 1,000 New Churches by 2009

The Assemblies of God are starting a new aggressive campaign called MX9 aimed at planting 1,000 new churches in the USA. The venues of the new plants will include an innovative variety of locations like movie theaters, schools, coffee houses, homes, and even satellite sites. All with an emphasis of reaching the unchurched in America.

Steve Pike, director of church planting for Assemblies of God, made the following comment:

“We have to overcome the thinking that everyone in America has been presented with the gospel. There are millions of people who are isolated from any meaningful contact with the body of Christ,”

Comments: This sounds like positive direction for the AG Church in America. The emphasis on evangelism in the USA is long over due. The possibilities of ministries reaching out in non traditional ways and locations is also a direction that I believe the Holy Spirit is leading right now.

AG has been tremendously successful in world missions because they have been faithful in prayer and following the lead of The Spirit. If they begin to view and treat America as a new mission field, rather than doing Church as usual, the results could be rather dramatic and Biblical as in the Book of Acts. *Top

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