‘Blue Card’ Prayer Ministry

My home church, Vineyard Community Church Laguna Niguel, has an organized prayer ministry with many facets. One of the more successful and legendary parts of our prayer program is the ‘Blue Card Ministry’. I pass this on because I know that this blog has quite a few pastors who are regular readers and this program could be easily adapted and implemented for the benefit of many other churches and their members.

Here is how it works. Blue cards and small pencils are placed on the seats in the main worship room before every major service. On the cards are different boxes that can be checked. If you want to be on the VCC mailng list you can add you name, address, and phone number in the appropriate slots. There are several boxes to be checked for: more information on specific church ministries, personal contact, to make a commitment to Christ, or to request baptism. Then at the bottom of the long card (3 3/4″ x 8 1/2″) is the prayer section entitled:

Prayer Request or Praise Report:”

with check boxes for __Confidential, __For Prayer Team, __Praise Report;

followed by 15 lines to write the request or praise report on.

There are lock boxes to drop the cards in at every exit from the sanctuary. Pastoral staff handles the cards and sends the prayer requests on to a prayer team of intercessors who pray over them each week.

Once a month or so, our pastor will comment on a praise report or have someone in the congregation come forward and give their testimony. The ‘Blue Card’ ministry has become legendary among the members of our church. Personally I have put in several confidential requests for prayer for one or more of my grown children and have seen wonderful results. The best part, it has increased the faith of our people tremendously.

Here are links to just a few of the ‘Blue Card’ praise reports that folks sent in:

Blue Card Testimonies- October

September Blue Card Praise Reports

August Blue Card Testimonies


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