Scrooge: A Picture of True Repentance?

Here’s a good blog to read to end the year.  Mark Hadfield wrote about repentance today on his blog madetopraisehim:

Many people coming into churches are taught to tell Jesus that they’re sorry for their past so that their mistakes can be blotted out. Now personally, I don’t think that’s the repentance Jesus talked about when He talked about the Kingdom Of God. I think that’s regret: a step on the road to repentance maybe, but not repentance. I think repentance is to completely change our system of thinking and our system of living. Our only response to the Good News of the Kingdom can be to start thinking and living like people of the Kingdom.

Amen Mark!

He finishes off his thoughts about repentance by offering Charles Dickens’ Scrooge as a picture of true repentance.            *Top

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