Polls: They Can Tell Us Something Sometimes

You can probably call me a poll junky. I read them all but also take them all with a grain of salt. When I was in college I remember one Social Psych. class where we constructed and designed different poll questions in order to get the results that we were seeking. It was quite instructive how manipulative polls can actually be. Many political polls are that way. They have desired results built in to the process. Some polls however really are seeking unbiased info. but they are few and far between.

This week I came across some of my blogging buddies making disparaging comments about polls over at the Revival Blog. I agree with with the first two comments.

Then I came across this poll which I think does help preachers to understand how far we have to go now in this country. When I was growing up in the 50’s nearly everyone I knew in our neighborhood went to some kind of church and all were supposedly some kind of Christians. Now this is not the case and hasn’t been for some time. The following poll indicates some of the attitudes of those who do not attend any kind of church. Here are some of the results, it is instructive:



Response:  Notice what it says about the church and Christians. 79% of the unchurched either strongly or somewhat believe that churches today are more about the organization than about the love of God and other people.  You know what? I agree with them, put me in the strong column! Also, 43% strongly or somewhat agree that Christians ‘get on my nerves’ – sign me up for that one also! At least some do!            *Top

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