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From Charisma +Online: Bread of Heaven February 6, 2008:

The Immediate Move of God

Today’s message is from Francis Frangipane

The Son of God spent thirty years in preparation for His ministry. Yet, a time came when power was multiplied in Jesus’ life, and the speed in which events occurred was significantly accelerated. Representative of this fact is the frequency with which the word immediately is used in the Gospels—ten times in the first chapter of Mark alone! It tells us that when the Holy Spirit moves, He does so powerfully and quickly.


We have relied on traditions. We have been hemmed in by human boundaries and limitations that were bred into us from our culture. Yet something new and wonderful is upon us: The Lord is leading us into total reliance upon His covenant promises.

We should expect a rapid increase of answered prayer, heightened divine activity and immediate breakthroughs in the days ahead. Indeed, in many parts of the world, revival conditions are already explosively changing the world.

We will soon learn that it is not any harder for God to do something instantly than for Him to work gradually. We must stop thinking that gradually is the only way God can move.

How can we access this immediate moving of God in our lives? Perhaps there are many answers, but one primary condition is in discovering the power of the New Covenant.

In the truest sense, our spiritual progress is directly attached to the depth of our revelation of the New Covenant. The more we understand what Christ has accomplished for us, the more perfectly we rely upon Him, and the quicker we will see the hand of God move.

Lord, rend the heavens and come down! In these last days, speedily send Your Spirit to mobilize the church into action.


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