Was Tyree’s Super Bowl Catch a Real Miracle?

Most of the people that I talk this week in business are still raving about last Sunday’s Super Bowl game. All except the unfortunate diehard New England fans.


Most talk about the incredible 32 yard catch that David Tyree made on his helmet in the 4th quarter with 1:15 left in the game. Without it, the game is probably over and New England wins its 20th straight for a new record and an undefeated season. But David leaps up higher than he ever did before and makes an improbable catch.

Sportscasters are calling it a ‘miracle’ catch and maybe the best in Super Bowl history and even one of the NFL’s all time greatest. I know that some of you Patriot fans view the catch as a curse, but what if it really was a miracle catch–a real miracle?

In New Man eMagazine for today (February 7), David Tyree is interviewed and shares his testimony about his career and the special catch. This is what he says about the catch:

“Obviously that catch was the Ephesians 3:20 catch. You can do exceedingly and abundantly above all that you could ever ask or imagine.”

David says that he came to the game with great expectations because of a prophetic word spoken over him the night before.  Kim Daniels (founder of Spoken Word Ministries in Jacksonville, Fla.) whose son Michael Jennings also plays for the Giants, and her husband Ardell prayed with Tyree the night before the Super Bowl.  According to the interview:

Daniels told Tyree that the Lord would “quicken” his feet and that he would have “spiritual glue” on his hands and would make “the big play.” Daniels’ husband spoke a word from the Lord. The sports world would no longer know him as just a special teams player but as, “David Tyree, the receiver.”

Response: Does God care about Super Bowl games and give a miracle to the team he wants to win?  No, I don’t think so. There were Christians on both sides of the ball that day.

I do believe however, that The Lord does strengthen his children and bless them in remarkable ways. I believe that God does help us in our daily living and in our business or profession.  David Tyree’s job is to catch the football and his career more or less depends upon his success. In this case, ‘the catch’ does fulfill the words spoken over David the night before and no one will ever be able to persuade Tyree that it wasn’t a ‘real’ miracle. I’m a believer!           *Top

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