Pastor is Thankful!

image All that’s left of the Pastor Kyle Blanton’s home is a pile of junk and the concrete slab foundation. However, he is truly thankful to God that he and his family survived the EF-4 tornado which destroyed the parsonage all around them as they huddled together inside. The family van was also destroyed and their truck was found over a mile away flat as a pancake.

Pastor Blanton told reporters:

"We have no doubt that the hand of God kept us alive. Statistically, we should not be here. We were hit dead on. There is nothing left of the house but splinters.."

"Everything around us was destroyed, but the six of us made it out alive. We have been telling everyone that we know the Lord is the reason we are still here."

Response: Amen Pastor, no doubt. What an incredible story!            *Top

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