Lakeland Revival links:

The following are some interesting links that I found over the weekend referencing the Lakeland Revival. These are all Pentecostal and Charismatic bloggers—Mostly PneumaBloggers:

image 1. Adrian Warnock:

Adrian has links to a number of posts on Lakeland. Including his own framework for evaluation, Terry Virgo’s theological outlook, and most importantly an excellent report by Jesse Phillips on his trip to Lakeland.

2. Peter kirk:

Peter has quite a few posts on the Lakeland Revival and an ongoing discussions continuing in the comment line.

3. Kathi Sharpe:

Kathie has a link to a message where Todd Bentley speaks out in response to critics.

4. Mark Byron:

Mark gives some interesting background to the Ignited Church in a couple of posts.

5. Janelle Phillips:

Janelle gives us her own report of her reactions of the trip with her brother Jesse to Lakeland on a night when Todd was gone.


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