An Increase of Healing

In a recent article on Revival Journal, David Copeland of Revival Now Ministries observes:

"This year we have seen a marked increase of anointing for healing as well as the Holy Spirit Baptism."

Amen David. I believe that across America, at least in a lot of ministries that I know of, this is increasingly true in 2008.

image I know this is the case at Vineyard CC Laguna Niguel, CA. More and more folks are being healed. Heard a few visitors say last Sunday: " We couldn’t fly to Lakeland but we heard that something was going on here also".

At the beginning of the month we sponsored a prophetic conference by John Paul Jackson, it was supposed to be about prophecy and interpreting dreams and visions but God had different plans. Soon a bunch of people started getting healed of all sorts of things that they have been prayed for in the past with little or no results and the whole conference became as much about healing as anything else.

Our pastor, Mike Hudgins at the beginning of the year told the congregation that he believed that the Lord told him in November that 2008 would see healing released in a new and special way–and that was way before Lakeland.

I also recently corresponded with JC Smith and he also is seeing an increase in healing in his ministry where ever he goes. It will be interesting to see where this goes and how it spreads.

2 months ago, our pastor was coming back from a conference in India that he conducted with a team from our ministry school, he oversees 300-400 churches in Southeast Asia including 70+ in India. 50,000 attended the services and nearly 20,000 came to Christ, all sorts of diseases were healed, and the blind began to see. Everyone the team laid their hands on were healed. On the plane back to California, the Lord told Pastor Mike that soon he was going to release healing like that in America. A couple of weeks later it all started in Lakeland, praise God!

Since then in Laguna Niguel, we have seen an increase in healing and folks are coming to Christ at every service. The church is growing and the Holy Spirit is hovering over the services. Also, the 24 hour prayer room is busy all the time. I can’t use the ‘R’ word yet,  but it is close and it is marvelous!


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